Ladder to the Sky

"Ladder to the Sky" mode

The Ladder to the Sky or Ranked War is a game mode in which you participate in a ranked and competitive battle using the Ban Pick system (similar to the Draft Pick in League of Legends). The game mode is currently available for an entire day with having a minimum summoner level of 30 and having a minimum of owned heroes of 15 as a requirement. During 11.59 AM ~ 02.00 PM and 08.00 PM ~ 11.00 PM (GMT+8), the EXP gained from this mode is doubled.

Ban Pick System

Old Ladder to the Sky

Banning Phase of "Ladder to the Sky" on the Old Client

Ranked Wars always utilize the Ban Pick (BP) system for players with their rank equal or higher than Silver rank which it differs from the Blind Pick system on Eternal Arena and Ladder to the Sky for players with their rank equal or lower than Bronze rank due to the following:

  • Solo: A player can only play solo in this mode.
  • Banning Phase: At the start of the hero selection, team captains are allowed to ban a total of 6 heroes (3 per side). The bans alternate between each team, with the first team starting. During the banning phase, each team can see their opponent's pool of heroes in order to pick and ban as they see fit.
  • Hero Selection: The team that bans first gets the first pick. After the captains pick, the rest will alternately pick two at a time until each player has chosen their hero. Duplicate heroes aren't allowed in this mode and as such, once a hero is picked by a team, it cannot be picked anymore by the other team.
  • Leaving/Dodging: Players who leave/dodge during the Hero Selection phase will be prevented from queuing for 5 minutes if it's the first offense, increasing to 10 minutes, 30 minutes and so on for each subsequent leave/dodge. If a player were to AFK for a while during the course of the game, they will be punished through the loss of Morality regardless of the match's outcome.

Game Environments

Victory Conditions

The game ended when it met with one of the following conditions:

  • Destroy the opposite faction's Sword of Damocles (Icon Nexus Red Icon Nexus Blue).

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