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Event Time

  • Start: 12 November 2020
  • End: 22 November 2020

Event Description

  1. The event page can be accessed at the lower left side of the Lobby Interface by left-clicking on Rune Monthly Card icon (Icon Rune Monthly Card.png) to access the monthly card shop.
  2. Aside from 3 monthly cards that you can normally obtain from the event interface (Pandora's Magic Box (2020.09.17) for more details), 1 limited time monthly card will be added to the interface called The Mystery of Dark Repulser.
  3. Each purchase of the limited time monthly card The Mystery of Dark Repulser (逐暗者之谜) costs 99 Diamonds and the effect of the card lasts for 30 days. Each day while the card is in effect, you can access the shop to claim the rewards from the card.
  4. The items that are given from the card must be collected manually on the interface of the shop itself. If you forget to claim the items from the shop, the items that are supposed to be given to you will be sent to your Mailbox on the next day. However, for the day that you don't login while the card is in effect, the items on that day can't be reissued via Mailbox on the next day.
  5. Upon purchasing the limited time monthly card The Mystery of Dark Repulser (逐暗者之谜) you will immediately obtain 33 Dark Repulser Fragments, and you can receive a total of another 60 Dark Repulser Fragments within a total of 30 Login Days. The maximum of Dark Repulser Fragments you can receive from this event is up to 93 fragments.
  6. The Dark Repulser Fragments (Item Dark Repulser Fragment.png) can be used as a material to exchange rewards in Synthesizing System until the expiration of the fragment itself at 6th January 2021.
  7. All available items in Synthesizing System that can be exchanged with Dark Repulser Fragments are as follows:
    1. Title Card - Dark Repulser (Item Title Card - Dark Repulser.png) <= Dark Repulser Fragment x 60 (Limited to 1 exchange)
    2. All Skins 50% Off Price Ticket <= Dark Repulser Fragment x 33 (Limited to 2 exchanges) (The ticket can be used until 6th January 2021)
    3. Random Rune Fragment Gift Pack <= Dark Repulser Fragment x 1
    4. Random Equipment Upgrade Talisman Gift Pack <= Dark Repulser Fragment x 1