300 Heroes Wikia

Item Longinus Spear.png Cost: 2900 Gold


+65 Attack Damage

+12 Armor Penetration


UNIQUE Passive: Grants 10 Armor Penetration. The Health you receive from all equipment is reduced by 25% in exchange for 1 bonus Attack Damage for every 15 Health reduction.

UNIQUE Active: Throws the Longinus Spear in a straight line, dealing 60 + [20 x Hero Level] physical damage to all enemies hit on the path, reducing the Armor of targets hit by 40% for 4 seconds, and reducing the Movement Speed of all targets hit by 40% for 2 seconds. When the spear hits an enemy hero, the flight speed of the spear will be greatly reduced (40 second cooldown).


Item Copper Sword.png    +    Item Berserker Sword.png    =    Item Longinus Spear.png


  • Limited to 1 Longinus Spear item on one hero.