Item M1911.png Cost: 25 Diamonds


Attack Damage: +40 (+119)

Movement Speed: +7%

Attack Speed: +7%

Cooldown Reduction: +10%


UNIQUE Passive: Grants [Equipment Level]% Critical Chance to Aria while in Dual Swords stance (melee stance) and grants [Equipment Level]% Armor Penetration to her while in Dual Guns stance (ranged stance).

UNIQUE Passive: Reduces the static cooldown of Dual Swords Stance [Q] and Dual Guns Stance [Q] by [0.1 x Equipment Level] seconds. Armor Penetration from the passive ability of Dual Swords Stance [Q] is converted from Flat (25) to Percent (25%).

UNIQUE Passive: Aria's The Seven Stars of the Golden Shell always has 7 golden shells and she no longer loses a shell on her death. She also gains maximum buff effects from both when she has 0 golden shells and when she has 7 golden shells (14% Attack Damage, 7% Damage Reduction, 7% Life Steal and her Scarlet Blazing God [R] no longer grants the penalty debuff).

UNIQUE Passive: The damage from the active ability of Dual Whirling Blades [W] applies a mark debuff to all enemy heroes hit for 3 seconds. If Aria switches to her Dual Guns stance and attacks on the marked target, the attack consumes the mark debuff and stuns the target for [0.1 x Equipment Level] seconds.


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