Item Magical BB Gun Cost: -


Attack Damage: +1%

Life Steal: +1%

Spell Vamp: +1%

Critical Strike Chance: +1%

Cooldown Reduction: +1%


UNIQUE Passive - Enhanced Movement: Increases 1 Movement Speed.

UNIQUE Active: Lunches a transformation BB bullet in a straight line, turning the first enemy hero hit by the bullet into a small green lizard and applying a magical aura for 5 seconds. Enemy heroes that stay within the aura's radius more than 2 seconds will be automatically transformed into a small green lizard too. Enemy heroes who have been turned into a small green lizard can't use skills, use items and perform basic attacks, but their Movement Speed will be increased by 50%, the transformation lasts for 3 seconds (40 - [Equipment Level x 1.5] second cooldown).

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