Mailbox Interface

Mailbox is an interface wherein you can claim all kinds of reward from any activity or event.

Refer to the image on the right for the following:

  • Mail Types.png
    • All Mails.png: All Mails.
    • Unread Mails.png: Unread Mails.
    • Readed Mails.png: Read Mails.
  • Check & Uncheck All Mails.png
    • Select / Deselect All Mails.
  • Mail Info.png
    • Subject | Received date | Remaining days
  • Receive Mail.pngDelete Mail.png
    • Receive Mail.png: Receive a reward from a selected mail.
    • Delete Mail.png: Delete a selected mail.
  • Warned Mail.png
    • The mail with a reward cannot be deleted.
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