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  • Hi, I saw that you recently updated Kenshin's page.

    I actually made a comment on the bottom of that page last year but looks like nobody saw it, so I figured maybe I should try contacting someone directly who has the permission to edit the page...

    So, the romaji for the name of the female version of Kenshin should be Kenshi instead of Kenko. The same kanji can be pronounced both ways but Kenshi also makes fun of SONY's version's translation of Samurai X.

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    • To clarify this, the translation of his female version decides 子 to be "Ko" based on this word also used on other skin such as "Kiriko" which is Kirito's GGO skin.

      The GGO skin was released many years before the installation of female Kenshin. In case we need to change his name to Kenshi just for a direct spelling, this will also be applied to Kirito's skin as well because it also use the same 子 to replace some word in his name. However, the GGO's version is more well known with "Kiriko" and there is no "Kirishi" relate to GGO Kirito.

      In fact, if there is no Kiriko jokes before the installed of female Kenshin, we would use 子 to translate his skin as "Youthful Kenshin" instead because 子 direct meaning can also be translated as a young child.

      Lastly, Kenshi and Kenshin are nearly identical to each other, when calling their name, it's easier and clearer to use Kenko for female version, people can regonize it easier that way.

      Anyway, thanks for pointing that out and it's the first time I know there even a thing about his name being changed likes that in SONY's version's translation.

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    • The Kanji "子" can be pronounce both ways in Japanese female names. In real life, when parents give their daughter the name they can decide which way they want depending on which way sounds nicer.

      In Kirito's case, when the original voice actors did the recording for GGO they themselves started to call the long hair version Kitito "Kiriko" for fun, and they shared the story with the fans, so then everyone started calling GGO Kirito "Kiriko".

      In Kenshin's case, when SONY first imported the anime series around 1999 ~ 2000, to the USA, to be shown on the Cartoon Network TV channel, in order for the names to be easier for American voice actors to pronounce, they changed most of the charactors names, like Kenshin -> Kenshi, Kaoru -> Kori, Yahiko -> Yoshi, Sanosuke -> Sanosuki. Then when the Japanese fans learned about these changes in the English version they laughed because Kenshi becomes a female name, and that was how the "Kenshi = female version of Kenshin" idea started becoming popular in doujinshi's and fan-made videos.

      In Chinese there is only one pronunciation, "zi", for this Kanji, so TY probably did not care much about how the names should be pronunced in Japanese either... Yeah, I know Chinese 300 Heros players like to call Kirito, Kenshin and Hei the Three Kenkaku Brouthers, but I don't see the necessity that Kenshin's female version's name's pronunciation has to match with Kiriko. It's more about how the idea started in the doujin culture circle. If you talk to a Japanese fan, you mention Kiriko and he will know it's refering to GGO Kirito. If you mention Kenshi and he will laugh and say "yeah I watched those funny Kenshin videos on NicoNico", but if you say Kenko he will probably be like "who's that?" then you explain it's the female version of Kenshin, then he would probably say "well we usually call her Kenshi".

      Another example where "子" is pronunced as "shi", although she is not a member of 300 Heros (people keep saying that she's gonna join, but not yet), Hinanawi Tenshi (比那名居 天子), from Touhou Project. I'm not sure if you are into MUGEN or not, but there is a Tenshi edit in MUGEN that looks like a black-haired version of Tenshi, and the creator calls her "剣子" and the name is pronunced as "Kenshi" too. Basically in Japanese "剣子" pronunced as Kenshi is a fixed pattern already.

      One more funny fact... The Chinese fans call the crossdressing Hei "Heizi", which in Japanese would be the same Kanji's as "Kuroko“. And thus they started coupling Hei with Misaka Mikoto in their doujin creations too. I've seen a few 300 Heros fan-made videos on Bilibili in which they used this coupling.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello. Sorry to bother you, but nobody in the discord server knew how to fix this.
     I'm getting this error every time i try to install the game. I already changed my computer location to Chinese-Simplified PRC and i was told i was getting this error because the location i'm installing the game can't have these symbols on the first image. The problem is, the directory i created to save the game does not have any of these symbols, but i'm still getting the error. Could you please give me an way to install the game?
    (The second picture is the directory i'm using to save the game)
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    • When the game is about to be installed did you specified the game folder to be named "300 Heroes"? This problem always happens most of the time when part of the folder has a Chinese text, try to install the game with a default set-up and rename the game folder later should fix this. (normally this problem always happens after installation not while installing)

      The recommended name for the game folder is "300 Heroes" and don't forget to name it with English language not Chinese language or any non-English language (that can also shows the result as "English Texts")

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    • 153
      This is the defaut installing location the game is giving me. I will try creating another one with only english letters.
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    • Thank you! I finally managed to fix the error by following your tips. Can i add this fix latter in the introduction page? My friend was having the same problem as me.

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    • There is no need to add that since I already added the following passage in the installation manual a long time ago

      "During installation, it is recommended to set the name of the game's destination folder to English since some non-Chinese Local Systems might not be able to read it."

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Liu Li

    B.E.E (FN F90) [W] B.E.E (Desert Eagle) [W] at nowadays' version, 550 Attack Range at B.E.E (Desert Eagle) [W] mode and 600 Attack Range at B.E.E (FN F90) [W]mode

    Chang Xuan Ling

    Shen Qing Ru Yan (Light As A Swallow) [W]

    may could say it replaced basic attack when its target is not turret and can share the passive of item SONIC,also item which can improve the critical damage

    Shen Ming Da Fa (Great Law of the God) [R] when skill finished,she appears at where she casts this skill

    Chang Hao Ling Shen Qing Ru Yan (Smoke Bombs) [W] should be Yan Wu Dan (Smoke Bombs) [W]

    Gasai Yuno Throwing Axe [Q] can it critical strike?

    Pandora Pandora's Dream Land [R] didn't change things in the minimap~

    Albedo Artifact Level Armor - Hermes Trismegistus [W] Active I don't know how to tell that,in my oponion,it changes Armor and Magic Resist just in Awekening System means basic Armor and Magic Resist~

    Kanzaki Kaori Kinshi Kekkai (Boundary of Forbidden Wires) This effect can't trigger more than once within 20 seconds. indeed,but it can trigger mutilble times by any person in one field~

    Troubling Rain Sword Draw [E] it deal twice 35/55/75/95/115 + [0.45 AD] physical damage

    Chtholly Nota Seniorious

    Wrath of Seniorious [E] I think you could say more eaiser than that "have chance to deal 110%/120%/130%/140%/150%damage at next basic attack,and 100% to critical strike"

    Kurosaki Ichigo Getsuga Tenshou (Hollow Form) [W] Static Cooldown: 1 seconds

    How are you know? still alone?

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    • Liu Lu - I will test with my friend ID about her attack range later and added more note about it

      Chang Xuan Ling - Critical never works on buildings so no need to add a special note for that, I will just add that it can be affected by critical damage increment and the attack replaces her old basic attack. About hand sonic, since this ability can deal a critical strike, it can be assumed that any ability that increases crit chance will work with it already (no need to add an extra note). 

      Chang Hao Ling - Fixed a typo of Smoke Bombs as you suggested

      Gasai Yuno - wait and see until she's on sale.

      Pandora - added a note on her [R] about icons in minimap still remain the same.

      Albedo - nope, it works for both basic stats and items, my friends have VIP box so we already tested it, if it's not like that right now it's a 100% bug.

      Kaori - I will add a clarification about this later after testing.

      Chtholly - rejected, according to the formula it's already told readers that critical damage is involved in "Fatal Damage".  Another note is that if we follow your formula, the increased critical damage from Tesseiga will not be adjusted correctly since it will just be a direct plus on critical damage and no penalty will be inolved. The current formula shown in the skill description is already fine as it is.

      Chtholly - Fixed typo on her [E]

      Kurosaki Ichigo - Fixed typo on his [W]

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    • Thanks for your helpful wisdom again and yeah I'm still around. 

      May i ask a question? what is the current login music TYSB used? I have no clue @_@

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    • nvm, found it, it's 300's wish~

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    • Right~

      heard that the SEER said that they composer and let other to write the note~

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Asswipe
    I seem to be getting this error screen every time i try to login to my account. Is this related to server maintenance?
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    • Various reasons can be related to this...most of the time it's related to your game is not keeping up with the current patch and because you have a poor connection with the game the auto-update always fails most of the time...

      This can be fixed by re-install the game and keep using VPN to connect the game every time.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • 300国外网站?感觉评论好少的样子嘤嘤嘤

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  • Hi I have a question about this. On the page it states " When you destroy an enemy turret or kill a dragon, you get 20%/40%/60% extra income.

    Does that mean I have to be the one to get the last hit on the tower/drake for the gold bonus? Or will it apply anyway. I just wondered if it was tested or if you knew if it worked like that or not.Oh. and I love the wikia and am very grateful that you work on it diligently. If you play on marisa we should play together some time.

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    • About that, no test was reported yet so I'm not sure that the extra income based on the total income you get from Direct-killing bounty + Team bounty or just Team bounty. For now, I just wrote what is written there.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Kaname Madoka

    [R]special spell vempwe talked that before

    in all magic damage Madoka did

    include Anti shock Armor

    Momo Velia Deviluke[E](also talked)

    concidering that some hero stack make bonus effect will get consumed(White Rock Shooter[P])

    might put the (not be consumed for her)in article

    White Rock Shooter[R]

    each kill grants only 1 stack,no assist effect


    75%decays to 15%within one second

    Gokou Ruri[W]

    First level mana cost :50

    Yakumo Yukari[E]

    These bullets come out in 5 directions with 9 bullets each for a total of 45 bullets

    Tobiichi Origami[E]

    She can’t use both[E]and 2nd[E] in 1 second

    Killua Zodiyck[E]

    Stack in up 10%bonus movement speed

    Itsuka Kotori[P]

    the Burning debuff from her skills can stack on the same target for a maximum of 3 stacks

    Tohsaka Rin[bonusP]

    Might add it with EMIYA in the same team,

    Seems EMIYA will passes 1 gold to Rin per 5/10seconds….or per minions he kill…..

    Takamachi Nanoha[P]

    Unlimited stackable


    Some cc can’t break the [E] duration(talked before)


    That”美好”means powerful,


    Reduce incoming to 30%/40%/50%

    Konpaku Youmu[P]

    Well actually,mixed damage should seems as a new damage type that only Youmu has

    Firstly it didn’t only based on enemy’s Armor/magic resist,but also yourArmor/magic penetration

    And decided by we called “effective Armor/magic resist”or”final Armor/magic resist”

    Secondly it is the new type damage because some item and skills has no use with youmu

    Such as:Takamachi Nanoha[P],Anti-Mega[E],Item:Imagine Breaker,Amun’s Will(when the damage type is calculated to magic damage,Ididn’t test all of them….)

    Kanzaki H.Aria[E]

    Active:40%bonus movement speed for all level

    Cthuko:(recommend that replace all “kuuko” to “Cthuko”or opposite )

    [E]14/13/12/11/10cd per level?(I can’t test it but it seems not equal with wiki)


    Every 50 bonus AD increase 1 second

    Stun with[Q] only


    Increase 20 fury per passing through hero (except himself,include ailed and enemy)



    Izayoi Miku[W]

    50mana all level

    Kuriyama Mirai[E]

    Will not consume the stacks

    And has 100%X[corrent life steal]%to heal her self(talked)

    Kashiwazaki Sena

    [R]90 at first level….(don’t know the other’s)


    10s cd

    Rock Lee[P]

    50%movement speed for hero 20% movementspeed for non hero units


    Kill a hero will reset the cd,no need to kill with this skill


    Recommend to add:The two[W] don’t share the same cd


    Increase[E]max stacks to 3 stacks

    Prinz Eugen

    version[Q]:mana cost might lower 10 per level

    5/10/15/20/25 Armor penetration if hit(an error write on game discribe)

    [W]I think you can write clearly like:

    water in the map won’t preduce 30%movement speed to Eugen,and won’t reduce movement speed for enemy hero

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    • - Madoka didn't need to fix anything since it increases normal Spell Vamp

      - WRS's [P] already mentioned a long ago that it consumes stacks, all skills that consume stacks need to mention that they consume stacks in the first place. (no need to fix anything) (please check other pages before mention this)

      - Fixed WRS's [R] typo. (2 stacks from killing -> 1 stack from killing and removing stacks from assist)

      - Shimakaze temporary removed for now so can't test

      - Fixed typo on Gokou Ruri's [W] mana cost.

      - Fixed typo on Yukari's [E] from 4 directions -> 5 directions (36 -> 45 total bullets)

      - Added interval (0.5 seconds) for Origami's [E]

      - Fixed Killua's typo.

      - Fixed Kotori's [P] to have 3 maximum stacks (this is secretly buff by JUMP for sure I'm certain with it) 

      - Nanoha's [E] and other skills at the same time are already proof enough that [P] can stack (no need to add this info)

      - Nanoha's [E] is channeling effect, any cc that can't break her [E] can't break any other channeling either...

      - EMIYA & Rin special skill will not be added for now unless you have confirmed information (with a real ground test if possible).

      - Fixed beauty -> great power, (in fact, the whole meaning didn't change...)

      - Fixed scaling for Kuroyukihime's [R]

      - No need for details about Youmu's [P], it has a bug related to true dmg we all know that (I research this one on my own, not reading the text or anything like that)

      - Fixed Aria's [E] by increasing 10% to scaling ratio (40% -> 60%), your correction is wrong, that's 1st level information only.

      - Cthuko & Kuuko is clearly intended by me Cthuko -> real name / Kuuko - > nick name it's like when I call "Kuroneko" while hero herself is Gokou should already see this a lot in many pages, no point to fix this.

      - Fixed Cthuko's [E] CD.

      - Fixed WarGreymon's [W] (Attack Damage -> bonus Attack Damage)

      - Fixed Wargreymon's [W] (removed "basic attacks can stun" from the skill)

      - Added info about Wargreymon gains Fury from ally & enemy heroes (it's a bug at certain patch where this ability didn't work)

      - Fixed Dita's [W] CD.

      - Fixed Miku's [W] mana cost.

      - Any effect that didn't consume stacks didn't need to add "doesn't consume stacks" on it (not changing anything on Mirai's skills)

      - Added note about Life Steal working on Mirai's [E]

      - Fixed typo on Sena's [R] CD.

      - Fixed Timi's [P] interval.

      - Fixed Rock Lee's [P] bonus Movement Speed.

      - Fixed Rock Lee [Q] and [P] (didn't need to add information that [W] share cooldown with [W2] because that's normal)

      - Fixed Mumei's [R] info

      - Fixed Prinz's [Q] info

      - Water in the map never do any special things to anyone so no need to add that confused info to Eugen's [W]. (I already mentioned that [Water Field] & [Water Area] is two different things.

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    • Thank you for testing things for the Wikia. This help fixing a lot of things that outdated or had an update without patch by JUMP~

      ​​​However, it would be better if you don't worry over a thing that didn't really have certain info like Emiya x Rin thing (I already known that all couple or partner heroes in this game have hidden effect buffs, the only reason I didn't add some of them because no certain info about what they really get from those buffs).

      About info that didn't need a word for them like "this skill doesn't consume stacks" or "this thing different from those things", let's just leave it like that since it's better to keep info as short as possible, adding those things will only be a nuisance for a readers since readers can understand their meaning by just not adding those info in the first place.

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    • also has a question, what is this one means (英雄-定位新增战斗信息显示--竞技场,战场场次和胜场(仅已有英雄有效))

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    • well, for that update

      personally understanding is:

      might have a "times of win/times of all"type information for heroes already have

      at heroes' own backgrond page to replace the"turns of win/turns of all"to like:

      "times of EA wins/times of EA--times of EB wins/times of EB--times of win/times of all"type

      and from a planner in JUMP says:(all super-power hero contributor from "legendnery wall-E--ryuuko--mikasa--freedom--mai dynasty"XD)

      actually youmu is divided into "mixed damage"type,that type shown white words in death replay,and for the error of words we could possibly think that is a TRUE damage bug

      And it's normally that defence for magic only and psycial only have no effect on youmu's damage

      cause there are not for type of "mixed damage" at all.

      and that's I want you to think about~

      appreciate~for edit as usual~

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Whitebeard

    [P]can influenced tower(might talked)


    During the shield's duration, each time he takes damage from an enemy  reduce [E] cooldown by 0.5 second.

    [E] also reduce speed while knock them up, can add a word like "also"

    Hatake Kakashi

    [Q]that dog will disappear after a while if it didn't get the target

    [R]the damage it did also increase 45%, might change the word"After the duration"

    Yuuki Asuna

    Fairy Dance - Standby [E]

    might add one:stacks will be automatically comsumed once it reach 10 stacks

    [R]10 time bonus true damage and 1 time charging

    Misaka Mikoto

    Passive (EM Field)

    max melee range is 349


    if this skill is upgrading when it is used in before casting animation,it won't break this upgrade(bug)

    like combo[Q1]+[Q true]


    has no range limitation


    [Q] the first damage can deal to all enemy he passes through

    [E] . Teleporting to shadows has no range limitation

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    • Yuuki Asuna

      for her[R] I mean that it needs the11th time(basic attack+other skill)to open the 2nd[R]

      but 1st[R] just did 10 times damage

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    • Hatsune Miku

      [P]10+0.15ap only


      [W]15cd all level

      Son Goku

      [T] 6% armor penetration....per second,

      [R] can hit turret calculating magic resist....(might talked)

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    • Hei


      I think you can write the life steal rule of [Q] in it

      simular like Black Rock Shooter [Q]


      seems Hei can target any units not including turret and wird...

      Li Syaoran

      [P]cards will not be consumed if the damage kill these unit

      Himura Kenshin

      [P]indeed, with these effect(including basic attack of[W])

      he will unsheathe his katana to apply the bonus effect on that attack

      [R]and 2nd[R]won't unsheathe his katana,but also have the bonus effect

      Strike Freedom

      [P] only the armor growth of 2 points can not be use,because magic resist default setting point is 0 point

      Tokisaki Kurumi

      [R]Clones deal 60%damage so might write "deal40%less damage"instread?



      different to Strike Freedom[Q],

      Ikaros[Q]'s bonus damage can also critically strike

      but it won't be decided by whether the main basic attack critically strike

      the two critically rate are independent

      [Q]Active has a unkown range

      out of it, the 4 bullets will only have animation without real effect


      assist reduce might 2.5scd.....whatever not too much diffirence....

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    • - Whitebeard's [P] already mentioned that it works on buildings.

      - Fixed Whitebeard's [W] info

      - Added extra info to Kakashi's [R] and Kyouko's [E] that their buffs have an effect on the skill themselves.

      - Fixed info on Asuna's [E]

      - Asuna's [R] already has correct info so no need to change anything.

      - Whitebeard's [E] doesn't need to add "also" since the slow effect is a normal part of the skill. 

      - Kakashi's [Q] and Misaka's [P] info don't have solid evidence so I will skip them.

      - Misaka's [Q] upgrade trick is the same as Yukari, not gonna add it since it's universal trick.

      - Misaka's [W] doesn't say to have limited range, so not gonna add info that it has no limited range.

      - Fixed info about Kirito's [Q] and [E].

      - Fixed Hatsune Miku's [P] info. / Shana's [W] info / Goku's [P] and [R] info.

      - Hei doesn't need to change anything. [R] didn't need to add info that it can't target wards or buildings since that's common sense for any skill.

      - Fixed info about Hei's [Q] life steal (according to Patch_-_2015.12.18).

      - Himura Kenshin's [R] didn't force [P] to unsheathe so it's normal to enjoy [P] effect. (no need to add anything)

      - Himura's [W] has basic attack effect and that effect is said to force [P] to unsheathe while enjoying the bonus. (no need to add anything)

      - Strike Freedom's [P] is working like that, will fix description so you can understand easier about what I want to convey.

      - Fixed Kurumi's [R], it's neither 40% or 60% but 40%/50%/60% dmg instead.

      - Ikaros's [Q] can crit, that alone is enough info for players (since it didn't deal much dmg anyway)

      - Ikaros's [Q] active is the same case as Kakashi's [Q] = unverified, so no need to add.

      - Fixed Ikaros's [E]'s typo @_@

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • ZhangFei

    Terrifying Roar [W]


    Zhuge Liang

    Forecast [W]

    can be used to block damage even the target is died


    in some situation,like you [R][E] one enemy, and the other come in your filed,

    [R]automatically aims the target which is haven't use Souja Sousen [E](including[R]'s[E])

    Boa Hancock

    all petrified effect lasts only 0.75s


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    • All fixed except for Zhuge Liang [W] (unimportant) & Orochimaru (there is certain value for picking up targets he will go to but that is too much to write on the skill description for now, so it's better to go with "random" for now (to be exactly is "random with a certain priority")

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Oshino Shinobu

    [P]should be like that:

    every basic attack heal herself about 0.25AD

    and her basic attack deal extra 10/15/20/25 bonus true damage at level 1/6/11/16


    [R]Blade Dance has six time of damage,and might done all damage within 4 seconds

    [T] can be used when left a sword mark at non-herounits but,can't trigger Sword mark at non-hero units


    [E]can mention that has trick to output all two [E]damage at a unit,

    same as Sawada Tsunayoshi [Q]

    Sakura Kyouko

    [Q]only consumes debuff on heroes[E]granting her 20%bonusAP after [E]damage,and might do not influenced the healing AP

    [R]has a few time that knock up effect left on spears

    Diao Chan

    [P]basic attack can only deal [1% of target's maximum Health] x [target's Sentimental stacks] bonus physical damage (maximum 300 damage) on the target

    [Q] has a bug about using [Q] under enemy tower will turn the target of tower to Diao Chan

    [E]Passive - should become Every 7 second, Diao Chan gains a magical orb stack

    [R]it's automatically choose the target it strike

    can mention that:if there has more than one unit can be choosed,always strike the farest one

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    • -Shinobu [P] heals herself 25% of total damage dealt by her basic attacks (working like Life Steal)

      -Noire [R] deals 6 times dmg within 5 sc not 4 / [T] information is basically a glitch with no useful purpose so no need to add that

      -Neptune [E] already mentioned having separated 2 skill damages meaning both can hit the same targets if used wisely.

      -Sakura Kyouko gains 20% bonus AP upon casting [E], meaning [E]'s damage and heal can enjoy the bonus AP. (already tested...where did you get this info where [E]'s heal and damage can't enjoy [E]'s bonus AP?)

      -Fixed all typo and info on Diao Chan, except for tower attacks her when casting [Q] (unimportant)

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    • again with my fault(


      agree with all the way you do with them~

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    • A FANDOM user
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