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Test Client

The test client is a client for hosting test servers where JUMP Network uses as a place to test various experiments (such as opening removed heroes to be playable or adding new equipment or system into the game).

Players can use their existing accounts to log in to the game server.

Currently, there are 2 servers (Test Server 1 and Test Server 2) available on the test client.

Latest Version (2019.11.22): Download

Latest Version (Jump Client) (2019.07.30): Download

Changelog (2019.12.24): HERE (After 2019.12.24, the server is closed and all data is cleared)

Uncensored Patch

Anran_233 Version

Creator Site: https://space.bilibili.com/11690804#/

Latest Version (2019-05-02): Download

Note: Since March 2018, the game is undergoing a bunch of updates related to censorship.
Here is the link to the person who makes and shares the patch for the uncensored version of all CG, including the uncensored version of new CG likes Shana, Illyasviel von Einzbern, Yoshino, Hatsune Miku.


Here is a list of well-known applications that relate to 300 Heroes.

Icon 300boxcn.png 300 Box (Black Technology)

  • Description: An extremely small and useful modified launcher that has a lot of useful options for 300 Heroes, very easy to use for both novice and senior players.
  • How to use the program
    • Install the program somewhere and open it.
    • If you download the auto-update version when you open the program, the program will warn you to update the program by sending a pop-up that has o(>[]<)o and ! along with the information about updating.
    • After you close the pop-up, you need to wait a bit until the program finishes downloading the updated files (It will pop up a warning again to say that the updating is done).
    • Open the game by click on the left choice for normal launch or click on the right one for fixed launch before clicking on the big button below the application to launch the game.
  • How to top up (for VIP membership).
    • Go to this website -> https://300box.cn/buy <-
    • Fill the information and select the payment method from the list available on the website
      Note: The change will not return to the buyer. For example, paying 10 Yuan to buy 1 month VIP (3 Yuan) will not return 7 Yuan to the buyer.
    • Process the payment order to obtain your activation code.
    • Use your activation code at the Lobby Interface of the game by using /cdk.# command (# is the number of your activation code).
  • List of Commands
    • /shijv.1: Turns on unlimited camera view (allows you to unlimited zoom in/out your camera-view).
    • /shijv.0: Turns off unlimited camera view.
    • /daye.1: Turns on the timer for respawn time on each jungle camp.
    • /daye.0: Turns off the timer for respawn time on each jungle camp.
    • /huaji1: Automatically shows Huaji Emoji (Emoji1.png) when killing.
    • /huaji2: Automatically shows Huaji Emoji (Emoji1.png) when dying.
    • /huaji3: Automatically shows Huaji Emoji (Emoji1.png) when walking.
    • /huaji3: Turn off the effect of huaji commands.
    • /skin.#: Mods your current hero's model to the other official skins (# is the number of the skin). 0 is default skin, 1 is the first skin of the selected hero, 2nd is the second skin of the selected hero...etc. You can use this command only when you're in the game.
    • /reset: Reset the current modded skin to the default one.
    • /mx.#: Automatically selects the specified hero when the game start (# is Hero ID, for example, Accelerator is 191 = /mx.191).
    • /zan.#: Sends good jobs to the specified group of players (#is the number of commands). (0) for yourself, (1) for red side, (2) for blue side, (3) for both sides. These commands can be used while in the Hero Selection Interface, allowing you to see opponent's names.
    • /help: Shows all available commands you can use.
    • /vip: Shows VIP commands.
    • /save: Saves the setting.
    • /load: Loads the setting.
    • /cdk.#: Activates your activation code to become VIP Member (# is the number of your activation code).
    • /hy.1: Turns on the prompt text that shows the activities of players in your Friend List (login, logoff...etc).
    • /hy.0: Turns off the prompt text that shows the activities of players in your Friend List (login, logoff...etc).
  • Privilege Commands for VIP Members (Relogin after activating your code to use the VIP commands)
    • Automatically turn on the Anti-Jungle system, the system will ping in the minimap on the location of monsters in the jungle when they respawn outside your vision.
    • Automatically turn on First Selection system, your /mx.# command will select the hero faster than non-VIP members.
    • /dy.1|2|3|4.#: Instantly sends a tactical short-message to the chat (# is the short message you want to send along with the signal). (1) disappear, (2) danger, (3) come here, (4) need help.
      Example: /dy.1.I do not see anyone here!—-[] of 来自帅气
      The hero's name will automatically replace [].
    • /ys.0|1|2|3: Changes your font's color. (0) default (1) red (2) yellow (3) blue. The command supports hexadecimal RGB colors
    • /tp.#: Automatically tests the specified hero (including heroes you don't own) by typing this command in the Lobby Interface (# is Hero ID, for example Accelerator is 191 = /mx.191).
    • /jt.0|1: Closes|Opens the respawn timer for each Barrier Generator.
    • /by.0|1: Closes|Opens the respawn timer for each Barrack.
    • /chwb.#: Changes your current title to the specified one. For example, /chwb.【第一桐人】.
    • /chdj.#: Changes the icon of your current title to the specified one (0~8). For example, /chdj.8.
    • /ta.1: Turns on the indicator that shows the attack range of turrets.
    • /ta.0: Turns off the indicator that shows the attack range of turrets.
  • This program is considered a cheat program by 300 Heroes Official (JUMP Network), all players who use this program must use it on their own risk. However, this program also helps to fix some major bugs after the Patch - 2018.11.26 while official team never did anything about them...
  • Aside from this program, there is another sub-program for 300 Box called 300 Heroes Battle Information Matching Assistance (300英雄 对战信息 匹配助手) and 300 Heroes Battle Information Matching Assistance PLUS (300英雄 对战信息 匹配助手 Plus) which both are considered a very unfair and cheat program that allows you to see your opponent's information during hero selection, allowing you to take advantage of enemies by knowing what they're currently picking along with their team's battle power. This program was widely used by players who play as a team called 4 blacks. (To be able to use this program, you need to buy the activation key from an unofficial team who owns this program)
  • After 4 April 2019, 300 Box has a new add-on called 300 DPS (Download Link) that will help you calculate damage output of your entire team. The add-on is a 300dps.dll file that can be used by placing the file in the game folder or the folder of 300 Box. The add-on will automatically start when you use the 300 Box and start game client. Checking the box beside 鼠标穿透 will allow your mouse to click through the interface of 300 DPS. Checking the box beside 详细技能 will show the name of the skills in a detailed manner.

Icon 300box.jpg 300 Heroes Box (300英雄盒子 / 300盒子)

  • Description: A modified launcher that has a lot of useful plugins and options for 300 Heroes. The main features of this launcher are as follows:
    • Live Updates: Show community news and official updates from the 300 Heroes Box's website.
    • Live Records: Show statistics from specified players or yourself, including the statistics of Dimensional Power (次元力 ) and Negative Power (负场).
    • Online-Guides: Show you the online-guides and videos that written and recorded by the users of 300 Heroes Box.
    • Macro Setting: Sets your combo skills to be released in just one click!
    • Infinite Horizon (Option): Allows you to unlimited zoom in/out your camera view.
    • Spawn Timer (Option): Shows exactly spawn times for all monsters in the jungle.
    • Auto Screenshot (Option): Automatically snaps the pictures when you achieve a killstreak in the game.
    • Skin Patches (Plugin): You can mod the official skin to your selected heroes and return them to the original skins once the game ended.
    • Heroes Test (Plugin): You can test any heroes in the testing room, including the heroes you don't have.
    • Custom Patches (Plugin): You can patch your custom mods by using this plugin.

300.png 300 Heroes Resource Extractor V1.01 Portable Version

  • Description: An application that can manually open the Data.jmp file in 300 Heroes' game folder to explore, export, import or replace any data in it. The purpose of this program is to serve as a basic tool for all modders who create mods or players who want to peek into the raw data of the game itself (looking for the hidden updates inside the game file). The main features of this program are as follows:
    • Data Viewer: Allows you to see all data inside Data.jmp file. For example, looking at the model files of the new heroes that is not available to be purchased yet.
    • Extractor: Allows you to extract the data inside Data.jmp file. For example, extracting the model files of the Wine Waiter Hei to be used as a material for modding.
    • Patcher: Allows you to replace the data inside Data.jmp file. For example, replacing the music at the Hero Selection Interface with the song you like.

300.png 300 Heroes Resource Viewer V.1.15.2

  • Description: An all-in-one application for advanced modders, this program contains most of the feature from 300 Heroes Resource Extractor and additional features that focus on creating mods. The additional features of this program are as follows:
    • Full Extractor (全解压): Allows you to extract all data inside Data.jmp file to the specified location.
    • Game Start (启动游戏): Starts the game by using this application as an additional launcher.
    • Direct Patch Generator (直接生成补丁): Allows you to create a patch file by selecting multiple files within Data.jmp and right-clicking on them before clicking on this option to generate a fast patch file.
    • Text Editor: Allows you to edit .ini, .txt and .xml files without extracting them.

300Heroes Extractor.png 300 Heroes Extractor V1.2 & V1.3

  • Description: An application that is mixed between 300 Heroes Resource Extractor and 300 Heroes Resource Viewer, it contains most of the features from Resource Extractor and some useful features from Resource Viewer. This program also allows you to patch .300EP files (no longer popular) to Data.jmp.

300.png 300 Fast Patcher V0.2 & V0.23

  • Description: An application that can directly create mod files or patch mod files to the Data.jmp file. It is also considered to be the most popular tool for modding in the Chinese community. However, this tool can only create or mod .patch and .patch2 files. Some old .patch files will work only with the 300 Fast Patcher V0.2 while most of the latest files (both .patch and .patch2) will work with the 300 Fast Patcher V0.23.

300GPK.png 300 Dynamic Patcher

  • Description: Currently the best tool for patching the game, it is a combination of various small tools (DAT Editor, GPK Generator, and Dynamic Patcher) that can be used to, view, enable or disable patch files without installing or uninstalling them. These tools also support various kinds of format, including GPK, Patch2, and DAT. Moreover, the website for downloading this tool also includes some very useful tools such as JumpX Editor for editing model and Bank Modifier for editing the bank files (sound files of the game).

Cheat Engine (Changing Camera Angle)

  • Description: Follow the instruction HERE to change the camera angle using Cheat Engine!

Original Character Materials

300 Girls Chibi - Dita

Dita Shock.png Dita Smile.png Dita Cry.png
Dita Stoic.png Dita Smirk.png Dita Shy.png Dita Sleep.png

300 Girls MMD - Dita, Yisha, Timi

300 Girls MMD - Download Link.jpg

300 Girls MMD - Peiji

Peiji MMD - Download Link.jpg

Theme Songs

JUMP VOICE (300 Heroes NetEase Cloud Music Album)


300 Days & Nights (300日夜) (Qixi Festival Theme Song (七夕节主题曲)) (by 孙玮)


Igniting (300HCL 2020 Theme Song) (by 水缘无忆)


Sanbyaku no Negai (300の願い) (by YURiKA)

Song - Sanbyaku no Negai.png

Because Of My Hero (纵然有300英雄) (by Matsuzawa Yumi)

Song - Because of My Hero.jpg

Because Of My Hero (纵然有300英雄) (by 肥皂菌)

Song - Because of My Hero.jpg

Between Time & Space (时空之间) (by 女神)

Song - Between Time & Space.jpg

Song of the Eternal Hero (永恒英雄曲) (by 特曼)

Song - Song of the Eternal Hero.jpg

Gun World (枪界) (by THE SxPLAY (Sugawara Sayuri))

Song - Gun World.png

Player Documentary

Me and My 300 Heroes (我和我的300英雄)


CG & Fanart


CG & Fanart.png


Here is a list of known artists that have their works avaialble on 300 Heroes.


  • Already Retired

Artist1.png 灼热之痕

Artist2.png 梁星 (Liang Xing)

Artist3.png 欧泡

Artist4.jpg KR-nagi-

Artist5.jpg 龙之天雪

Artist6.jpg HaneRu

Artist8.jpg 白驴王子双面人

Artist9.jpg 月小鹅

Artist10.png 蚊香

Artist11.jpg 言寺马川

Artist12.jpg 冷蝉

Artist13.png Nahaki

Artist14.jpg KreSop

Artist15.jpg _RIRE_

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