Item Myon.png Cost: 25 Diamonds


Attack Damage: +60

Ability Power: +60

Armor Penetration: +8%

Magic Penetration: +8%


UNIQUE Active: Increases Youmu's damage dealt by [Equipment Level + 5]% for 5 seconds (90 - [Equipment Level x 3] second cooldown).

UNIQUE Passive: Every 2% Armor Penetration increases 4 Magic Penetration and every 2% Magic Penetration increases 4 Armor Penetration.

UNIQUE Passive: Youmu's "Ageless Obsession" [E] reduces target's Armor and Magic Resist by [Equipment Level x 8] for 5 seconds.

UNIQUE Passive: Every basic attack reduces the cooldown of Youmu's "Slash of the Eternal Future" [R] by 1 second.


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