Offensive Talent

Offensive Talent Tree

The Offensive Talent Tree is one of the three Talent branches and is designed for offensive oriented strategy.

It would take 15 talent points to fill the Offensive Talent Tree to its maximum capacity.

List of Talents

Tier 1 (Requires 3 talent points)

Icon Talent16 Power of the Giant (巨人之力)

  • Increases Attack Damage by 5/10/15.

Icon Talent17 Power of Wisdom (智慧之力)

  • Increases Ability Power by 8/16/24.

Icon Talent18 Rapid Cooldown (急速冷却)

  • Grants 3%/5%/8% Cooldown Reduction, when your hero reaches level 10 grants 2%/4%/6% additional Cooldown Reduction.

Tier 2 (Requires 6 talent points)

Icon Talent20 Hunting Instinct (猎食本能)

  • Restores 2/4/6 Mana for each time you kill an enemy unit.

Icon Talent31 Spell Blade (附魔之刃)

  • Your normal attacks always deal [3%/6%/10% of your Ability Power] bonus magic damage, the bonus damage is doubled against buildings.

Icon Talent32 Predator (掠食者)

  • Restores 10/20/30 Health when you kill a minion or monster. This ability can't trigger more than once within 30 seconds.

Tier 3 (Requires 9 talent points)

Icon Talent22 Concentrate Fire (集中火力)

  • Increases the damage dealt against the target with immobilize, stun, silence, or fear effect by 3%/5%/10%.

Icon Talent23 Armor Attack (破甲攻击)

  • Increases 3/6/9 Armor Penetration.

Icon Talent24 Flexible Movement (灵活身法)

  • Increases 3/6/9 Magic Penetration.

Tier 4 (Requires 12 talent points)

Icon Talent25 Quick Attack (快速攻击)

  • Increases 5%/10%/15% Attack Speed.

Icon Talent26 The Turn (偷天换日)

  • Increases the damage output by 2%/4%/6%, but also increases the damage received by 1%/2%/3%.

Icon Talent27 Life Siphon (虹吸之能)

  • Grants 4%/6%/8% Life Steal.

Tier 5 (Requires 15 talent points)

Icon Talent28 Energy Overload (能量过载)

  • Hitting an enemy hero with a skill (skill damage) marks them with 1 stack of Energy Overload. At 3 stacks, all stacks are consumed to deal [3.3/6.6/10.0 x Hero Level] + [3%/6%/9% of target's current Health] magic damage on the target. The stacks on the target have no duration and can't be removed upon death. This ability can't trigger more than once within 30 seconds.

Icon Talent29 Surrounding Star (环绕之星)

  • After 30 seconds will store 1 energy shell. The energy shell will automatically fire to the first enemy hero within 500 radius nearby, dealing [3.3/6.6/10.0 x Hero Level] + [0.1/0.2/0.3 Bonus AD] + [0.04/0.08/0.12 AP] magic damage to the target. Energy shell can be stored up to 1 stack.

Icon Talent42 Borrowed Time (回光返照)

  • When you take damage that is are about to lower your current Health to be less than 20% of your maximum Health, you will receive a shield that can withstand 45/90/135 ~ 140/280/420 (based on Hero Level) damage for 2 seconds. This ability can't trigger more than once within 200 ~ 160 (based on Hero Level) seconds.

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