300 Heroes Wikia

Item Oozora no Ringu (Ring of the Sky).png Cost: 25 Diamonds


Ability Power: +80 (+224)

Movement Speed: +10%

Magic Penetration: +10%

Cooldown Reduction: +10%


UNIQUE Passive: Reduces the interval to apply a mark of Hyper Intuition by [Equipment Level] seconds, and the mark also amplifies the damage received by the marked units by [2 x Equipment Level]%.

UNIQUE Passive: Extends the duration of Zero Point Breakthrough·Revised [W] by [0.1 x Equipment Level] seconds and adjusts the rebound damage on Zero Point Breakthrough·Absolute Zero from [100% of absorbed (nullified) damage] to [(10 + [Equipment x 5])% of absorbed (nullified) damage] (doesn't apply item effects on released damage).

UNIQUE Passive: The Dying Will Flame of XX BURNER [R] now knocks all targets hit up into the air, and also inflicts [(5 + Equipment Level)% of target's current Health] bonus magic damage on them.