Casual Ikaros

Maintenance Time

  • 9.00 AM - 12.00 AM


Icon Monkey D. Luffy

  • Basic attack animation reduced from 0.367 seconds -> 0.267 seconds, animation speed reduced from 1 second -> 0.733 seconds

Summoner Spell

Summoner Spell - Exhaust

  • Adjusted the effect to reduce target's Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 40%, and reduce their damage dealt by 60% for 3 seconds.

Item Mall

Bug Fixed

  • Fixed Ouma Shu (Icon Ouma Shu) under some circumstances could be able to channel his King's Heart - King's Kindness [R] while walking.
  • Fixed players could not buy Amun's Will (Item Amun's Will) in Eternal Arena.
  • Fixed a problem that you could use other hero passive skills under some special circumstances.
  • Fixed when Strike Freedom (Icon Strike Freedom) used his assault attack from Super Lacerta Beam Saber [Q] on a target with spell immunity from Nice Rod (Item Nice Rod), he could not assault to the target but still dealt assault damage to them. Now when trying to assault the target with spell immunity effect from Nice Rod (Item Nice Rod), the assault attack will lose all of its effects (doesn't assault to the target, doesn't knock target up and no longer deal assault damage).
  • Fixed the sustain damage of Priest Boy's (Icon Priest Boy) Shadow Word: Pain [E] no longer dealt its damage after his death.
  • Fixed Uzumaki Naruto's (Icon Uzumaki Naruto) One Thousand Years of Death could repeatedly trigger its effect on the target with spell immunity from Substitute Scarecrow (Item Substitute Scarecrow).
  • Fixed a problem with Exhaust (Summoner Spell - Exhaust) that would increase target's Ability Power instead.
  • Fixed Shiranui Mai's (Icon Shiranui Mai) Folding Fan Fandango (Kachou Sen) [Q] would not enter in cooldown when it was interrupted while throwing 3 folding fans with frenzy state. Now the interruption will stop the skill effect half way and the skill will normally enter in cooldown.

Optimized Adjustment

  • Optimized the color of Health in Health Bar, now it will be displayed as yellow.

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