Maintenance Time

  • Non-stop update (starting the update at 9.30 PM)

Bug Fixed

  • Fixed Yakumo Yukari (Icon Yakumo Yukari) could level up to level 18.
  • Fixed Kula Diamond's (Icon Kula Diamond) Doom Glacier [R would trigger the same item effects twice.
  • Fixed Kirito's (Icon Kirito) Sonic Leap [Q] might be able to assault through the wall.
  • Fixed Monkey King (Icon Monkey King) would not use Sweeping Universe - Break/Strike/Slice [Q] while hovering a cursor over a target that far more than the cast range of the skills.
  • Fixed a problem that caused an error to the camera while holding down the right mouse button and the mouse wheel.

Optimized Adjustment

  • Optimized the model of Inverse Tohka (Icon Inverse Tohka).
  • Optimized the illustration (CG) of Inverse Tohka (Icon Inverse Tohka).
  • Optimized the description in the skill TIPS of Monkey King (Icon Monkey King).
  • Optimized the energy wave of Son Goku's (Icon Son Goku) Kamehameha [R] will now display in the minimap.

New Artifact

Item Marshtomp

  • The effectiveness of the ability that increased Magic Penetration reduced from 30% -> 15%
  • Adjusted the UNIQUE Passive: Grants 1 stack of Gaze effect every 1.5 seconds. Each stack grants 2% Magic Penetration, up to 15 stacks for a total of 30% Magic Penetration. When your damage skill hits a target, sees through everything and consumes 5 stacks of Gaze effect, dealing [(15 + [Equipment Level x 4])% of your Ability Power] magic damage to the target and all nearby enemies.

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