Maid Saber

Maintenance Time

  • 9.00 AM - 11.59 AM


Icon Neptune

  • Cross Combo [Q]: The scaling damage on each slash adjusted from 0.4 Bonus AD -> 0.4 AD
  • Cross Combo [Q]: Cooldown reduced from 15 seconds -> 12 seconds
  • Cross Combo [Q]: Cast range increased from 300 range -> 350 range
  • Cross Combo [Q]: Repel range reduced from 200 range -> 100 range
  • Cross Combo [Q]: Can now reset basic attack's animation upon each cast.
  • 32-bit Mega Blade [W]: Cooldown reduced from 18/17/16/15/14 seconds -> 15/14/13/12/11 seconds
  • Blaze Break [E]: Cast range and assault range increased from 400 range -> 450 range
  • Victory Slash [R]: Before casting animation removed.

Icon Fate Testarossa

  • Zanber Form (Bright Zanber) [E]: Cooldown increased from 11/10/9/8/7 seconds -> 12/11/10/9/8 seconds
  • Zanber Form (Bright Zanber) [E]: Scaling damage reduced from 0.7 AP -> 0.6 AP
  • Haken Form (Scythe Slash) [W]: Cooldown adjusted from 15 seconds -> 18/17/16/15/14 seconds
  • Zanber Form: Jet Zanber [R]: Cooldown increased from 22/20/18/16 seconds -> 23/22/21/20 seconds
  • Zanber Form: Jet Zanber [R]: Scaling damage reduced from 0.6 AP -> 0.5 AP
  • Haken Form: Crescent Slash [R]: Scaling damage reduced from 0.65 AP -> 0.55 AP

Icon Yuuki Asuna

  • Before basic attack animation reduced from 0.333 seconds -> 0.2 seconds

Icon Sesshoumaru

  • Before basic attack animation reduced from 0.3 seconds -> 0.233 seconds

Icon Matoi Ryuuko

  • Before basic attack animation increased from 0.267 seconds -> 0.3 seconds
  • Senketsu Mubyoshi [E]: Cooldown increased from 9 seconds -> 12 seconds
  • Senjin Shippu (3rd Upgrade) [Q] and Shippu Senjin (3rd Upgrade) [W]: Can now be interrupted by stun, taunt, silence and airborne effect

Icon Ikaros

  • Before basic attack animation reduced from 0.3 seconds -> 0.2 seconds
  • Icarus [E]: Cooldown increased from 10 seconds -> 15 seconds
  • Icarus [E]: Each basic attack reduces its cooldown by 1 second.

Icon Stormfury Axe

  • Undefeatable [R]: During its duration can no longer get instantly killed by the following skills:
    • Axe's (Icon Axe) Culling Blade [R]
    • Charlotte's (Icon Charlotte) Seven Stars Brilliant Blade [R]
    • Ryougi Shiki's (Icon Ryougi Shiki) Mystic Eyes of Death Perception [R]

Bug Fixed

  • Fixed the abnormality on the cooldown of Noire's (Icon Noire) Tornado Sword [W].
  • Fixed the description on some skills had the word 剑横爆炸 that was unrelated to their effects.
  • Fixed the Mana cost of Neptune's (Icon Neptune) Victory Slash [R] incorrectly displayed.
  • Fixed when Mikasa Ackerman (Icon Mikasa Ackerman) was continuously using Grappling Hook Launcher [Q] while flying, it consumes an abnormal amount of Gas.

Optimized Adjustment

  • Changed the name of Noire's (Icon Noire) Infinite Slash - 1st Cast [W] to Tornado Sword [W].
  • Changed the name of Noire's (Icon Noire) Infinite Slash - 2nd Cast [W] to Infinite Slash [W].

Item Mall

Item Gauss Lightsaber Item Solary Armor

  • Their enhanced version (trial version) has been removed from the Item Mall.

Icon Maid Saber

  • On sale for 45 Diamonds at 6.00 PM on 2015.11.20.

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