300 Heroes Wikia

Maintenance Time

  • 9.00 AM - 11.59 AM

Item Mall

Icon Black Magician Girl.png

  • On sale for 118 Diamonds at 6.00 PM on 2016.04.15.

Item Bloodthirsty Reaper.png (Enhanced Version)

  • Added to game as a free trial item.

Item Myon.png

  • Added to game as a free trial item.

Eternal Battlefield Items

Item Taiyaki.png

  • The ability to extend the duration of Transform: Blade [Q] adjusted from 1 + [0.1 x equipment level] seconds -> [0.1 x equipment level] seconds
  • The ability to increase the effectiveness of Movement Speed buff from Transform: Blade [Q] removed.

Item Digivice.png

  • Added 70 Armor.
  • New UNIQUE Passive: For each 2 Fury he consumes, restores 1% of WarGreymon's maximum Health.
  • New UNIQUE Passive: WarGreymon's Gaia Force [R] consumes all of his Fury.

Item Black Tea.png

  • Adds 10% Life Steal.
  • New UNIQUE Passive: Doubles the bonus damage from Battleship (shelling damage).

Bug Fixed

  • Fixed the skill TIPS of Yakumo Yukari's (Icon Yakumo Yukari.png) Universe of Matter and Antimatter [Q] (fixed the cooldown from 1 second -> 0.5 seconds).

Free Heroes Rotation

Icon Miki Sayaka.png Icon Itsuka Kotori.png Icon Nyaruko.png Icon Zeng Xiaoxian.png Icon Li Syaoran.png Icon Katsuragi Keima.png Icon Sephiroth.png Icon Son Goku.png Icon Shana.png Icon Hunter Boy.png Icon Mage Boy.png
Icon Corki.png Icon Monkey D. Luffy.png Icon Eye of the Abyss.png Icon Shadow Dancer.png Icon Thunderfury.png Icon Tang Monk.png Icon Memory Metal.png Icon Gaara.png Icon Usopp.png Icon Sha Wujing.png