300 Heroes Wikia

Maintenance Time

  • 9.00 AM - 11.59 AM


Icon Charlotte.png

  • Fatal Tri-Blade [E]: When it hits a target with a mark from Piercing Blade [Q], it will stun the target for 1 second.

Icon Magician Girl.png

  • Kindle [Q]: Base damage increased from 60/95/130/165/200 -> 70/110/150/190/230
  • Extended Powerful Fire [E]: Cooldown increased from 14 seconds -> 10 seconds

Icon Kula Diamond.png

  • Diamond Frostblade [W]: Now also reduces Magic Resist by 15%.

Icon Gaara.png

  • Suna no Shukaku [R]: Cast range increased from 300 range -> 450 range

Icon Shirai Kuroko.png

  • Jump [W] and Migrate [W]: Cast range increased from 300 range -> 400 range
  • Metal Darts Array [R]: Base damage increased from 220/310/400 -> 250/375/500
  • Metal Darts Array [R]: Cooldown reduced from 170/155/140 seconds -> 150/135/120 seconds
  • Metal Darts Array [R]: Mana cost reduced from 100/150/200 Mana -> 100 Mana

Icon Kaneki Ken.png

  • Predator [E]: The duration of passive effect increased from 2 seconds -> 4 seconds

Icon Shimakaze.png

  • Big Best Type 93 Sanso Gyorai [R]: torpedoes now deals half of their damage to all non-hero enemies they pass through.

Icon WarGreymon.png

  • Dramon Killer [Q]: Can now reset basic attack's animation.
  • Gaia Force [R]: Cast range increased from 700 range -> 1000 range

Icon Accelerator.png

  • Plasma Generation [R]: Cooldown increased from 120/100/80 seconds -> 140/120/100 seconds

Eternal Arena Items

Item Muramasa.png

  • Recipe price reduced from 900 Gold -> 700 Gold
  • Total price reduced from 3000 Gold -> 2800 Gold
  • Passive adjusted from each kill gains 1 Attack Damage -> 2 Attack Damage (maximum 40 Attack Damage)
  • Passive adjusted from each kill gains 0.2% Life Steal -> 0.4% (maximum 8% Life Steal)

Item Spear the Gungnir.png

  • UNIQUE Passive adjusted from each basic attack increases bonus Mana by 1 Mana -> 3 Mana
  • UNIQUE Passive adjusted from each cast of skills increases bonus mana by 4 Mana -> 10 Mana

Item Endless Magic Wand.png

  • UNIQUE Passive adjusted from each cast of skills increases bonus mana by 4 Mana -> 10 Mana

Item Distortion Field.png

    • Added Life Crystal (Item Life Crystal.png) to the recipe
    • Total price reduced from 1925 Gold -> 2400 Gold
    • Bonus Health increased from 300 Health -> 500 Health
    • Shield from the active effect increased from 50 + (Level x 10) -> 100 + (Level x 15)

Bug Fixed

  • Fixed Tachibana Kanade's (Icon Tachibana Kanade.png) Distortion Field [W] displayed the wrong description about its damage reduction effect.
  • Fixed Muramasa (Item Muramasa.png) lost its stacks even the user was revived by resurrection abilities.
  • Fixed when Konpaku Youmu (Icon Konpaku Youmu.png) used Myon (Item Myon.png) in Eternal Battlefield and she later entered Eternal Arena, it would cause an abnormal bug on the damage type of her basic attacks.

Item Mall

Item Bloodthirsty Reaper.png (Enhanced Version)

  • Removed from the game.

Item Phantom Angel Blades.png (Enhanced Version)

  • Removed from the game.

Free Hero Rotation

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Icon Whitebeard.png Icon Natsu Dragneel.png Icon Hei.png Icon Shiranui Mai.png Icon Yatogami Tohka.png Icon Gokou Ruri.png Icon Izayoi Miku.png Icon Gaara.png Icon Usopp.png Icon Sha Wujing.png