300 Heroes Wikia

Maintenance Time

  • 9.00 AM - 11.59 AM


Icon Anti-Mage.png

  • Mana Break [Q]: Stolen Ability Power on each attack increased from 4/6/8/10/10 Ability Power -> 6/9/12/15/15 Ability Power
  • Blink [W]: Base value of the magic shield increased from 40/70/100/130/160 -> 40/80/120/160/200

Icon Tobiichi Origami.png

  • Metatron - Mal'akh [E]: Cast range increased from 500/500/600/600/700 range -> 500/600/700/800/900 range

Icon Accelerator.png

  • Trample [Q]: The duration of bonus Movement Speed reduced from 2 seconds -> 1 second
  • Reflection [W]: Cooldown adjusted from 18 seconds -> 26/24/22/20/18 seconds

Eternal Battlefield Items

Item Mana Tide.png

  • The cooldown of active ability adjusted from 30 seconds -> 60 - [Equipment Level x 2] seconds
  • The increased Ability Power per stack reduced from 8% -> 5%
  • The increased Flat Magic Penetration per stack reduced from 5% -> 3%
  • Each stack now increases 3% Spell Vamp
  • When upgraded to level 15, the increased stack reduced from 2 stacks -> 1 stack

Item Gauss Lightsaber.png

  • When attacking a building or a hero, this item will now convert 4 stacks of Anode into Cathode.
  • The bonus stats for each stack of Anode adjusted from 2% Attack Speed and 1% Critical Chance -> 4% Attack Speed
  • The bonus stats for each stack of Cathode adjusted from 2% Armor Penetration -> 1% Armor Penetration 1% Critical Chance
  • When upgraded to level 10, increases Attack Speed cap from 2.5 -> 3.0
  • When upgraded to level 15, increases Attack Speed cap from 3.0 -> 3.5

Item Bloodthirsty Reaper.png

  • The ability to trigger the same on-hit effects 4 times within a single basic attack is removed.
  • The ability to trigger the same on-hit effects 2 times within a single attack will no longer have a static cooldown.
  • The ability to trigger the same on-hit effect 3 times within a single attack can't trigger more than once within 1 second (static cooldown). If the item triggers the same on-hit effects 3 times again within less than 1 second, the number of triggered on-hit effects will be reduced to 2 times.
  • When upgraded to level 15, removes a restriction of 1 second static cooldown from this item.

Optimized Adjustment

  • Optimized the visual effects of Emoticon Potions (Item Crying Potion.png Item Angry Potion.png Item Happy Potion.png Item Funny Potion.png) when they are used in Eternal Battlefield.

Free Hero Rotation

Icon Monkey King.png Icon Uchiha Sasuke.png Icon Yaya.png Icon Sakata Gintoki.png Icon Nero Claudius.png Icon Golden Darkness.png Icon Nyaruko.png Icon Killua Zoldyck.png Icon Guan Yu.png Icon Rogue Boy.png Icon Tokisaki Kurumi.png
Icon Undead Queen.png Icon Accelerator.png Icon Sinon.png Icon Gray Fullbuster.png Icon Tony Tony Chopper.png Icon Takanashi Rikka.png Icon Hatake Kakashi.png Icon Gaara.png Icon Usopp.png Icon Sha Wujing.png


Icon Cthuko.png

  • 100 Wins Title: Home Guard (NEET) (自宅警备员)
  • 300 Wins Title: Cthugha (克图格亚)

Icon Kongou.png

  • 100 Wins Title: Holding Umbrella Big Sis (打伞大姐姐)
  • 300 Wins Title: Burning Love

Icon Kanzaki H. Aria.png

  • 100 Wins Title: Quadra (双枪双剑)
  • 300 Wins Title: Scarlet Blazing God (绯绯神)

Icon Chen Meijia.png

  • 100 Wins Title: Super Idle (超级闲)
  • 300 Wins Title: Peashooter (豌豆射手)

Icon Izayoi Miku.png

  • 100 Wins Title: Miserable Yoimachi Tsukino (宵待月乃的忧伤)
  • 300 Wins Title: Gabriel

Icon Accelerator.png

  • 100 Wins Title: Vector Manipulation (矢量操作)
  • 300 Wins Title: Lv 6

Icon Kuriyama Mirai.png

  • 100 Wins Title: Chi no Ikaishi (Spirit World Warrior of Blood) (血の异界士)
  • 300 Wins Title: Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary) (境界彼方)

Icon WarGreymon.png

  • 100 Wins Title: Heart of Courage (勇气之心)
  • 300 Wins Title: Omegamon (奥米加兽)

Title Adjustment

Icon Tomoe Mami.png

  • 100 Wins Title: Headless Senpai -> Candeloro