300 Heroes Wikia

Maintenance Time

  • 9.00 AM - 11.59 AM


Icon Katsuragi Keima.png

  • God Mode [R]: The buff effect now also increases 10% bonus Movement Speed.

Icon Wildhammer Warrior.png

  • Windstorm Hammer [Q]: Mana cost reduced from 60/65/70/75/80 Mana -> 40/45/50/55/60 Mana
  • Charge Forward [R]: Mana cost adjusted from 50 Mana -> 90/70/50 Mana
  • Charge Forward [R]: Bonus Armor and bonus Magic Resist are reduced from 50/70/90 -> 35/55/75
  • Charge Forward [R]: Cooldown increased from 50/35/20 seconds -> 65/50/35 seconds

Icon WarGreymon.png

  • Brave Shield [W]: The duration of shield effect increased from 2 seconds -> 4 seconds

Icon Hatake Kakashi.png

  • Kamui [R]: Granted new Passive.
    • Passive - When Kakashi takes a lethal attack, the attack will be nullified and transferred to another dimension, the effect can only be triggered once within 90 seconds.

Icon Hobbit Scout.png

  • Armor-Piercing Shell [E]: The duration of bonus Attack Speed reduced from 5 seconds -> 4 seconds
  • Armor-Piercing Shell [E]: The effectiveness of bonus Attack Speed adjusted from 10/12/14/16/18% -> 15%
  • Armor-Piercing Shell [E]: Mana cost adjusted from 60 Mana -> 50/55/60/65/70 Mana

Icon Akemi Homura.png

    • RPG-7 or AT-4 Bazooka [W]: Before casting animation reduced from 0.5 seconds -> 0.2 seconds

Free Hero Rotation

Icon Little Monkey.png Icon Kirikage Archer.png Icon Artoria Pendragon.png Icon Tony Tony Chopper.png Icon Portgas D. Ace.png Icon Uchiha Sasuke.png Icon Yuuki Asuna.png Icon Paladin Boy.png Icon Katsuragi Keima.png Icon Tokisaki Kurumi.png Icon Yaya.png
Icon Sakata Gintoki.png Icon Golden Darkness.png Icon Kaname Madoka.png Icon Nyaruko.png Icon Killua Zoldyck.png Icon Kujo Jotaro.png Icon Sakura Kyouko.png Icon Usopp.png Icon Sha Wujing.png Icon Gaara.png

Item Mall

Item Tarrasque Skin.png (Enhanced Version)

  • Added to the game as a free trial equipment.

Item Ethereal Cloak.png (Enhanced Version)

  • Added to the game as a free trial equipment.

Item Endless Night Staff.png (Enhanced Version)

  • Replaces the Old Version of this item.
  • The readius of active ability increased from 300 radius -> 500 radius

New Features

Optimized Adjustment

Bug Fixed

  • Fixed some bugs related that were related to the Physical Damage Reduction of Amun's Will (Enhanced Version) (Item Amun's Will.png).
  • Fixed the arrow from Hunter Boy's (Icon Hunter Boy.pngFocusing Shot [Q] and Multi-Shot [Q] dealt no damage after his death.
  • Fixed the trap from Hunter Boy (Icon Hunter Boy.pngFrost Trap [W] didn't apply any effects to all nearby enemies when triggered.
  • Fixed sometimes Akemi Homura (Icon Akemi Homura.png) could Hold 2 weapons at the same time.
  • Fixed when Akemi Homura (Icon Akemi Homura.png) held 2 weapons, her Betrayal of Miracle [W] couldn't be used.
  • Fixed while Akemi Homura's (Icon Akemi Homura.png) stayed in place still and used  Prayer of Rewind [Q], her weapons would randomly spawn under her model.
  • Fixed when Misaka Mikoto (Icon Misaka Mikoto.png) or Charlotte (Icon Charlotte.png) stayed within the radius of the True Sight effect from Cat's Eye Potion (Item Cat's Eye Potion.png) and they used The Real Thunderbolt [R] or Piercing Blade [Q] that automatically detected nearby enemies while Rogue Boy (Icon Rogue Boy.png) stayed within the radius of these skills and was visible, these skills still didn't aim at him.
  • Fixed when Edogawa Conan (Icon Edogawa Conan.png) used Voice-Changing Bowtie [W] to control the enemy and the game just ended, the player of the controlled hero would fail to obtain the first win.
  • Fixed Yuuki Asuna (Icon Yuuki Asuna.png) at level 1 didn't have a yellow icon (warning sign) shown on her Fairy Dance [E] skill.
  • Fixed Shimakaze (Icon Shimakaze.png) gained Evasion Rate when activating Night Battle Mode [W].
  • Fixed when Kirito (Icon Kirito.png) recast his Vertical Square [E] to teleport on the marked units, he would face in the downward direction.
  • Fixed the item shop in Eternal Arena displayed as if you could actually buy an item even you didn't have enough Gold.
  • Fixed the bug on the third step in the Tutorial Mode.
  • Fixed when you entered into the In-Game Interface and you forgot to close Talent Interface, The Talent Interface would still appear on your screen.
  • Fixed when your teammate opened Achievement in the game and changed their title while you also had that title, your own Current Title would be changed to that title.
  • Fixed the game crash problem caused by surrendering the game.
  • Fixed your status displayed a debuff duration that lasted forever.
  • Fixed your indicator that didn't disappear when you clicked on the skill icon.