300 Heroes Wikia

Maintenance Time

  • 9.00 AM - 11.59 AM


Icon Wildhammer Warrior.png

  • Mana Growth reduced from 43 Mana per level -> 39 Mana per level
  • Armor Growth reduced from 3.8 Armor per level -> 3.5 Armor per level
  • Charge Forward [R]: Cooldown increased from 65/50/35 seconds -> 80/60/40 seconds

Eternal Arena Items

Item Winter Scepter.png

  • Recipe cost reduced from 700 Gold -> 395 Gold
  • Total cost reduced from 3105 Gold -> 2800 Gold
  • Passive Ability adjusted to reduce both Attack Speed and Movement Speed by 10%.

Item Heart of Fire.png

  • Delay time reduced from 1.7 seconds -> 1 seconds
  • The damage adjusted to [15% of target's maximum Health] true damage.
  • Added the maximum damage against non-hero units at 500 damage.

Item Orb of Disability.png

  • Both basic attacks and skills can now trigger the effect.

Item Withered Heart.png

  • Added UNIQUE Passive: Grants bonus Armor equal to 2% of your maximum Mana.

Item Martyrs Armor.png

  • UNIQUE Passive Now also grants 35 bonus Health and 1.5 Health regen per 5 seconds when assisting in a hero kill.

Item Hao Nan's Eye.png

  • Added UNIQUE Passive: Grants 10% Cooldown Reduction.
  • Added UNIQUE Aura: Grants an aura effect that reduces 20 Attack Damage and 20 Armor to all enemies nearby.
  • Removed all old UNIQUE Passive abilities.

Item Nakagami no Yoroi.png

  • Health Regeneration increased from 15 Health per 5 seconds -> 35 Health per 5 seconds
  • Mana Regeneration increased from 8 Mana per 5 seconds -> 15 Mana per 5 seconds
  • The AoE of aura effect is increased from 530 radius -> 630 radius

Item Index's Walking Church.png

    • Equipment's stats adjusted from 5% Cooldown Reduction -> 5% Movement Speed

Item Shock Trap.png

  • Minions can no longer trigger a trap.

Bug Fixed

  • Fixed the abnormal bug with Flame of Heaven Necklace (Item Flame of Heaven Necklace.png).
  • Fixed Akemi Homura (Icon Akemi Homura.png) displayed an abnormal graphic when she entered a brush.
  • Fixed Kirito's (Icon Kirito.png) Vertical Square [E] sent its shadows in the wrong direction.
  • Fixed Uchiha Sasuke's (Icon Uchiha Sasuke.png) Ten Thousand Snakes [Q] ddidn't show the increased Tenacity on Hero Statistic Page in the In-Game Interface.
  • Fixed when Accelerator's (Icon Accelerator.png) Plasma Generation [R] was interrupted, the skill would display an abnormal cast range.
  • Fixed Shinobi no Hayate's (Icon Shinobi no Hayate.png) Ninjutsu Escaping Technique [E] could block only the damage from Kirito's (Icon Kirito.png) Vertical Square [E] (couldn't block the ability that applied a mark).
  • Fixed when Himura Kenshin (Icon Himura Kenshin.png) used Kuzuryuusen [R] or Amakakeru Ryuu no Hirameki [R] on the target with spell shield effect from A.T. Field (Item A.T. Field.png), the cooldown of these skills became abnormal.
  • Fixed an unusual problem when you were at the In-Game Interface and you opened the Item Interface to refill the Soul Crystals.
  • Fixed some texts in the Item Interface, Refilling Soul Crystal Interface and Socketing System Interface were offset.
  • Fixed Sakata Gintoki's (Icon Sakata Gintoki.png) Attack Damage became abnormal under some certain circumstances.
  • Fixed everytime you entered Eternal Battlefield, your Assigning Consumables were reset.
  • Fixed the progressing of the 100 wins and 300 wins titles of Huanci·D·Lucy (Icon Huanci·D·Lucy.png) and Huanci·L·Lily (Icon Huanci·L·Lily.png) couldn't be displayed properly.
  • Fixed when you combined your items on the item shop in Eternal Arena while playing in window mode, your hero would walk toward the direction of the item's picture.

Free Hero Rotation

Icon Wildhammer Warrior.png Icon Charlotte.png Icon Boa Hancock.png Icon Whitebeard.png Icon Natsu Dragneel.png Icon Misaka Mikoto.png Icon Kirito.png Icon Gilgamesh.png Icon Oshino Shinobu.png Icon Shiranui Mai.png Icon Ouma Shu.png
Icon White Rock Shooter.png Icon EMIYA.png Icon Gokou Ruri.png Icon Shimakaze.png Icon Miki Sayaka.png Icon Tobiichi Origami.png Icon Nero Claudius.png Icon Tomoe Mami.png Icon Usopp.png Icon Sha Wujing.png Icon Gaara.png

Optimized Adjustment

New Features

  • Introduction of the new system - Limited Lobby Message
    • The number of messages each player can send in the Lobby Interface are now limited.
    • Each player has a limited number of 20 messages.
    • Each time a player plays the game (win or lose is fine), the number of messages will be reset.
  • Introduction of the new system - Verification Code
    • When a player in the game has been reported by at least 1 player, at the end of the game before the settlement rewards, the system will pop-up the window that forces you to input the PIN Code (English+Number).
    • Player can put the code up to 3 times or within 60 seconds.
    • If they don't put the correct verification code, at the end of the game will not get any rewards, scores or records and they will receive 1 Negative Score.
    • If they put the code correctly, nothing happen.
  • Introduction of the new system - Negative Scores
    • When a player has 3/4/5 Negative Scores, they will automatically be suspended from that game mode for 10/30/60 minutes.
    • When they have 6 Negative Scores or more, each additional 1 Negative Score from now on, they will automatically be suspended from that game mode for 2 more hours.
    • Accumulated Negative Scores are reset daily at 0.00 AM.