Patch - 2017.05.15 Patch - 2017.05.15 2

Maintenance Time

  • 6.00 AM - 9.00 AM

Login BGM

Akame Ga Kill! 1st Opening Theme Song - Skyreach (sung by Amamiya Sora)

Item Mall

Icon Kuriyama Mirai

  • Kuriyama Mirai's skin - Wedding Dress Mirai on sale at 6.00 PM on 15th May 2017.

Icon Killua Zoldyck

  • Killua Zoldyck's skin - Adventurer Killua on sale at 6.00 PM on 15th May 2017.

Synthesizing System

Removed all the items in the following list below from the synthesizing list:

Equipment Upgrade Talisman Chest (Equipment Upgrade Talisman Chest)

Blue Gift Box (Random Gold Coin Package)

Golden Gift Box (Level 4 Random Gem Chest)

Item Huaji Potion (Funny Potion)

Blue Gift Box (Random Equipment Upgrade Talisman Package)

Item Chest (Advanced Merit Pack)

Fortune Card 9 (Level 9 Upgrade Fortune Card)

Icon Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Removed) (Blue-Eyes White Dragon Summoning Amulet)

Item Present of Yggdrasil (Gift of Yggdrasil)

Golden Gift Box (All Touhou Heroes Package)

300) (Title Card - Xiuxianist)

Item Fresh Watermelon (Fresh Watermelon)

Item Physics Holy Sword (Just A Crowbar) (Physics Holy Sword (Just A Crowbar))

Protect the 2D World

  • Closed the game mode and cleared the data of all players.


Icon Hei

  • Hei [Q]: Mana cost reduced from 40/45/50/55/60 Mana -> 30/35/40/45/50 Mana
  • Hei [Q]: Cast range reduced from 700 range -> 600 range
  • Shadow Trace [E]: Mana cost adjusted from 80 Mana -> 40/50/60/70/80 Mana
  • Shadow Trace [E]: Cooldown adjusted from 30/28/26/24/22 seconds -> 26/25/24/23/22 seconds
  • Shadow Trace [E]: Stealth duration reduced from 8/10/12/14/16 seconds -> 6/8/10/12/14 seconds

Icon Izayoi Miku

  • Hagun Utahime: New effect - Each time Miku casts a skill reduces the cooldown of this skill by 2 seconds.
  • Rondo [Q]: Mana cost adjusted from 45/55/65/75/85 Mana -> 45/50/55/60/65 Mana
  • Solo [E]: Mana cost adjusted from 40/50/60/70/80 Mana -> 60 Mana


  • Kanshou • Bakuya [Q]: The flying speed of Kanshou and Bakuya increased from 800 -> 1000
  • Projection Magecraft [W]: Within the duration of Attack Speed buff, each time EMIYA triggers the passive effect of Kanshou • Bakuya [Q] and throws his Kanshou and Bakuya in a line, when his Kanshou and Bakuya hit the first enemy, the duration of Attack Speed buff is extended by 1 second.

Icon Yisha

  • Unwavering Will [W]: Removed the bonus Armor.
  • Unbreakable Will [W]: The buff effect also gains 5/10/15/20/25 bonus Armor and Magic Resist.

Eternal Battlefield Items


  • Ryougi Shiki's (Icon Ryougi Shiki) exclusive equipment - SHIKI ()
    • UNIQUE Passive: Shiki can deal bonus damage from Mukushiki Shinkuu Myouu against enemies whose Health is below [50 + Equipment Level]%.
    • UNIQUE Passive: Extends the duration of Movement Speed reduction from Mumyou no Tsuki [W] by 1 + [Equipment Level x 0.1] seconds.
    • UNIQUE Passive: When Shiki kills an enemy hero while she opens her Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, the cooldown of Neko Gaeshi [E] will be reset and Shiki will restore [5 + Equipment Level]% of her maximum Health.

Item Adjustment

Item Frostmourne

  • No longer shows the visual effect of the Movement Speed debuff when attacking turrets or buildings.

Item Hammer of Disability

  • No longer shows the visual effect of the Movement Speed debuff when attacking turrets or buildings.

Sound Optimization

  • Restored the mouse-clicking sounds
  • Restored the skill sounds of some heroes.

Bug Fixed

  • Fixed the Tenacity from the different equipment couldn't stack on the same hero.
  • Fixed Kuroba Kaito's Magic Prop [Q] couldn't trigger the item effects.
  • Fixed the cursor that appeared in the Protect the 2D World mode could cause the game crash when showing attack cursor.
  • Fixed an issue where the number of achievements in other player's profile that you see through view player information option was incorrect.
  • Fixed the incorrect icon that displayed in the game of the exclusive title from 泡泡先锋 game - Soft and Easy to Push Down (软萌易推倒) from Star icon to Bubble icon.

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