Patch - 2017.06.05 Patch - 2017.06.05 2

Maintenance Time

  • 6.00 AM - 9.00 AM

New Task System

  • Added a monthly task system to the activities interface.
  • Adjusted the old tasks in the daily task system and weekly task system.
  • Added some new tasks to the daily task system and weekly task system
  • The daily tasks are now reset at 11.59 PM of everyday, the weekly tasks are now reset at 11.59 PM on the last day of every week, and the monthly tasks are now reset at 11.59 PM on the last day of every month.



Icon Yuzuriha Inori

  • 1000 Wins Title - Dancing together with Inori (楪舞纷飞祈愿相随)

Icon Black Rock Shooter

  • 1000 Wins Title - Black★Rock Shooter

Item Mall

Icon Li Syaoran

  • Li Syaoran's skin - Daopao Syaoran (道袍) on sale for 69 Diamonds after the update.

Icon Hassan-i-Sabbah

  • Hassan-i-Sabbah's skin - Hundred-Faced Hassan (百貌) on sale for 45 Diamonds after the update.


Icon Killua Zoldyck

  • Whirlwind (Shippuujinrai) [E]: The highest stacks of static reduced from 3 stacks -> 2 stacks
  • Whirlwind (Shippuujinrai) [E]: Base damage increased from 30/60/90/120/150 -> 35/65/95/125/155

Icon Kaneki Ken

  • Rinkaku - Rize [Q]: Adjusted the Attack Speed reduction effect from active ability from "reducing 10% Attack Speed and can't be stacked" -> "reducing 15% Attack Speed and can stack up to 2 stacks.
  • Rinkaku - Rize [Q]: Kaneki's basic attacks can reset the duration of Attack Speed reduction from this skill.

Icon Sakata Gintoki

  • Gatotsu (Sadism) [Q]: Mana cost reduced from 55/65/75/85/95 -> 40/50/60/70/80
  • Gatotsu (Sadism) [Q]: AD Ratio adjusted from 0.8 Bonus AD -> 0.6/0.7/0.8/0.9/1.0 Bonus AD

Icon Takanashi Rikka

  • Graphic Card Switching - Avida Mode [R]: While in Avida mode, Rikka also gains 5/15/25/35 bonus Armor and Magic Resist.

Icon Golden Darkness

  • Transform: Wing [R]: After activating this skill, the Light Blade of Assassination [Q], [W], [E] no longer consume mana cost.
  • Base Movement Speed adjusted from 295 -> 300

Icon Yuuki Asuna

  • Attack Range increased from 130 -> 150

Eternal Arena Items

Item Mana Potion

  • Price reduced from 40 Gold -> 35 Gold

Item Soul Codex

    • The effectiveness of the active skill that reduces target's damage output reduced from 20% -> 10%

Item Gáe Dearg

  • Recipe changed
    • Old Version: Item Copper Sword + Item Firm Crown
    • New Version: Item Stone Axe + Item Firm Crown
  • Attack Damage reduced from 32 -> 20
  • Selling price reduced from 1260 Gold -> 875 Gold

Item Dual Roses

  • Recipe price reduced from 700 -> 575
  • Attack Damage reduced from 50 -> 40
  • Selling price reduced from 2590 -> 2117


Other Updates

Item Green Potion

  • The potions can now be pulled out of the assigned slots.

Bug Fixed

  • Fixed the abnormal skill damage of Mikasa Ackerman's Rotating Slash (Normal) [W] and Rotating Slash (Flight) [W].
  • Fixed the [S] hotkey could stop controlling effect from Edogawa Conan.
  • Fixed Bayi Laoye's All or Nothing [E] had a global cast range.
  • Fixed the repelling effect from Shirai Kuroko's exclusive item could also affect allied units.
  • Fixed Ryougi Shiki's Neko Gaeshi [E] didn't deal any damage after her death.
  • Fixed Shana's Hien (Blazing Flame) [W] didn't deal any damage after her death.

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