Patch - 2017.07.12

Maintenance Time

  • 5.00 AM - 15.00 AM

New Servers

The Following Server will open on 14th July 2017

China Telecom Server: Rebellious Knight (叛逆骑士)

Rebellious Knight Server

China Netcom Server: Rozen Maiden (蔷薇少女)

Rozen Maiden Server

New Not For Sale Skins

Flame Emperor Ace


Copy Ninja Kakashi


New Heroes + Skins (For Sale)

Lelouch Lamperouge

Patch - 2017.07.05

White Emperor Lelouch



Patch - 2017.07.05 2

Super Skin - Holy Grail War Series

  • The 1st major features: Different from the other skins in the past, this skin doesn't have only a single form, but there are many forms within a single purchase of skin, each mode can be switched freely, and each mode can be described as an independent skin while activating.
  • The 2nd major features: Off-site interaction system, Illya will live in the form of live2d to interact with her summoner in the lobby interface. (The so-called live2d is a system of living image that based through a series of continuous images and character modeling to generate a similar three-dimensional model of 2-dimensional images, regardless of actions and images are not the traditional 3D sense of restraint.)

Holy Grail War Skin - Summer Star (夏日之星) (Default Form)

Patch - 2017.07.12

Holy Grail War Skin - Saber Form (saber形态)


Holy Grail War Skin - Archer Form (archer形态)


Holy Grail War Skin - Caster Form (caster形态)


Holy Grail War Skin - Lancer Form (lancer形态)


Due to the cycle relationship between 3 remaining forms (Assassin, Rider, Berserker), they will be released in the future update together! Please look forward!

Dragon Quest

11182952182 (Blessing Gift Box of the Prophet) (先知の祝福礼盒)

  • Players can obtain this item from the Synthesizing System.
    • Recipe: (Item Morning Dew of Yggdrasil x 3) + (Item Fruit of Yggdrasil x 3)
  • Using this item before 14th July 2017 will not get the item in its description.
  • Using this item will have a chance to obtain Twin Head Dragon Summoning Amulet x 1
  • This item can be used only between 14th July 2017 (6.00 PM) - 16th July 2017 (11.59 PM).

11183011348 (Twin Head Dragon Summoning Amulet) (双头龙召唤符)

Leaderboards System

The scoreboard for the Dragon Quest Killing (勇者斗恶龙击杀) and Dragon Quest Racing (勇者斗恶龙竞速) are now available again.

Ikkitousen Mode

The game mode is available only between 10.00 PM - 11.59 PM on 14th July 2017 - 15th July 2017.


  • Mode: 7 vs 49
  • Rule: Within 8 minutes, if the Athena statue on the side of the defender (7 players) was broken, the attacker (49 players) won, otherwise the defender won.

Talent System

The old talent system is replaced with the new one.

Eternal Arena Items

The adjustments of the items in Arena mode are as following:

  • Modified (optimized + improved) around 90 pieces of items
  • Removed around 10 pieces of equipment
  • Optimized the prices and attributes of basic items for AD, AP, ADC, Tank
  • The overall updates increase the prices of most items for AD and AP, reducing the power of basic and early items for Assassin in an early game, and reducing the potential of the middle game AP and AD powers.
  • Improved the attributes and effects of most physical armor items, reducing the damage output of the magic damage items.
  • Improved the critical chance and attack speed of ADC's items
  • Optimized the critical chance mechanism.
  • Canceled the 5 seconds regeneration mechanism, changed to 1 second regeneration mechanism.


Icon Yuzuriha Inori

  • Elegy: The duration to heal all allied heroes after her death adjusted from 15 seconds -> 5 seconds
  • Lost Christmas [R]: When activating, marking all enemy heroes on the entire map, reducing their Movement Speed by 20%/30%/40% for 3 seconds, the rest of the skill effect is the same as the old one.

Icon Hei

  • Electric Shock: The duration of paralysis debuff reduced from 1 second -> 0.5 seconds
  • Electric Shock: The effect of paralysis debuff adjusted from 40% Movement Speed reduction -> Immobilize effect

Icon Yakumo Yukari

  • Flying Glow Worm [W] and Boundary between Wave and Particle [E]: The damage increased by 20%.

Icon Ikaros

  • Apollon [R]: The Apollon light arrow now deals damage to all enemy's minions the arrow passes through.

Icon Tobiichi Origami

  • Metatron - Kadour [W]: The funnels now reduce 20% Movement Speed to all enemies within the radius of rotation until they're stunned.

Icon Kuroyukihime

  • Death by Embracing [W]: The cast range increased from 180 range -> 250 range

Icon Tomoe Mami Icon Shimakaze Icon Gilgamesh Icon Yuzuriha Inori Icon Akemi Homura Icon Ikaros Icon Doma Umaru Icon Kikyou

  • The before basic attack animation adjusted to 0.053 seconds.

Item Mall

Exclusive Equipment



Synthesizing System

Item Black Knight Badge


Icon Lelouch

  • 100 Wins Title: Black Prince (黑色王子)
  • 300 Wins Title: Zero

Icon Suigintou

  • 100 Wins Title: First Doll (第一人偶)
  • 300 Wins Title: The Perfect Rozen Maiden (完美の蔷薇少女)

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