Kizuna Ai

Maintenance Time

  • 3.00 AM - 9.00 AM


Icon Akemi Homura

  • RPG Rocket Launcher [W]: The increment on Mana cost for each additional rocket Homura shoots within a single cast reduced from 50% -> 30%
  • Girl's Determination [R]: The damage from subsequent hits of rockets on the same target adjusted from 25% -> 30%

Icon Prinz Eugen

  • Phoenix: After the resurrection effect, adjusted the Health Prinz Eugen restored from 15% -> 30% of Prinz Eugen's maximum Health and applied 20% Damage Reduction to her for 2 seconds.

Icon Gilgamesh

  • Spatial Transportation [E]: Mana cost of the 1st cast reduced from 50 -> 40
  • Spatial Transportation [E]: Mana cost of the 2nd cast reduced from 100 -> 75

Icon Izayoi Miku

  • Hagun Utahime: Interval to receive the next buff adjusted from 20 seconds -> 14 seconds
  • Rondo [Q], Requiem [W], Solo [E]: Cooldown reduced to 7 seconds.

Icon Accelerator

  • Misaka Network: Energy Restoration adjusted from 10 Energy/second -> 15 Energy/second

Eternal Arena

Item Guinsoo's Soul Stealing Staff

  • Total Price: 2900
  • Stats: +50 Ability Power | +50 Magic Resist | + 10% Cooldown Reduction
  • Active Effect: Casts an imprisonment spell (450 cast range) on yourself or a friendly or enemy unit, preventing the target from taking any action while also rendering the target to become invulnerable and untargetable for 1.75 seconds (120 second cooldown).

Item Mall

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Icon Kurosaki Ichigo

  • 100 Wins: Shinigami (死神代理)
  • 300 Wins: Ordinary High-School Student (普通的高中生)

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