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Maintenance Time

  • 0.00 AM - 9.00 AM

Login Music

Changed to Overlord 1st Opening - Clattanoia (by O×T)


During this summer, various updates will happen on 13 July 2018! the details of all updates are as follows:

  • The new servers Grand Order (冠位指定) for China Telecom region will be opened at 6.00 PM on 13 July 2018!
  • The new servers Avalon (阿瓦隆) for China Netcom region will be opened at 6.00 PM on 13 July 2018!
  • New Hero Ainz Ooal Gown, new legendary skin Mysterious Heroine X and new excellent skin Arthur Pendragon (Prototype) will be installed into the game and all players who purchase them through Summer Holiday 2018 Pre-order Event (2018.06.27) will get them at the same date.
  • New Touhou Hero - Flandre Scarlet (芙兰朵露) will be installed into the game.
  • Old heroes Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke will be reworked.
  • Rank System - Zero Season (2018.07.14) will start on the next day after the update on 13 July.
  • The new lottery event and the pre-summer events will start after the update on 13 July.

Summer Level

  1. Maximum level increased from 40 -> 300
  2. The original level of all players will be modified to match with the new level.
  3. Modified the original Level 1-40 Tasks and added the new Level 41-300 Tasks.
  4. After this update until the end of August, all players who have their level reset to the new level system can get rewards from the level up tasks they previously passed again and their level will be increased more than its original level (for example, players who have their level at 40 will be increased to 49 after the reset and they will get rewards from level up tasks for level 1 ~ 40 again). However, after the end of August 2018, all accounts that didn't log in before the specified time will no longer get rewards from level up tasks they already passed before 4th July 2018 update anymore (level up tasks at level 1 ~ 40).
  5. The details for new tasks are as follows:


Icon Kurosaki Ichigo.png

  • Shunpo: Bonus Movement Speed reduced from 800% -> 650%

Icon Troubling Rain.png

  • Triple Slash [Q]: The dash distance for each cast reduced from 300 range -> 250 range

Item Mall



Voice Set


  • Removed materials for Children Day event from the game.

Game Optimization

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