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  • 6.00 AM - 9.00 AM

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New Items & Packages

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Equipment Inheritance System

For the Inheritance system (继承), only Harpoon Amplifier can be used to transfer its attributes and levels to other equipment.


Icon Miyu Edelfelt.png

  • 100 Wins Title: Child of God (神稚儿)
  • 300 Wins Title: Magical Saphhire (蓝宝石之星)

Icon Gray.png

  • 100 Wins Title: Shake Mania (摇摇乐)
  • 300 Wins Title: Gravekeeper (守墓人)
  • 1000 Wins Title: The Spear That Shines To The Ends Of The World (闪耀于终焉之枪)

Icon Feng Baobao.png

  • 100 Wins Title: Temporary Worker (临时工)
  • 300 Wins Title: Very Witty (机智一比)

Icon Kamado Tanjirou.png

  • 100 Wins Title: Demon Slayer (猎鬼人)
  • 300 Wins Title: The Child of Burning Crimson (赫灼之子)

Icon Eugeo.png

  • 100 Wins Title: Natural Talent (天赋之才)
  • 300 Wins Title: The Oath Sword (誓约之剑)
  • 1000 Wins Title: Blooming Blue Rose (绽放生命的蓝蔷薇)

Icon Shameimaru Aya.png

  • 100 Wins Title: Crow of the Tempest (风雨之鸦)
  • 300 Wins Title: Traditional Reporter of Fantasy (传统的幻想书屋)


  • Optimized the size of some original CG.

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Icon Astolfo.png

  • Fixed an issue wherein the actual range of La Black Luna [Q] and La Black Luna! Fear! [Q] was wider than the range that was displayed.

Icon Kamado Tanjirou.png

  • Fixed an issue wherein unleashing Dance of the Fire God [R] against a target behind a wall or any obstacle terrain would cause the timing and moving path of the skill that was shown in the game client to not match with its actual effect.

Icon Mumei.png

  • Fixed an issue wherein the bullets of Gunblade Shot [Q] need to hit target 3 times before the skill was switched to Forceful Shot [Q].
  • Fixed an issue wherein the bullet of Forceful Shot [Q] didn't cause the immobilize effect against enemies hit.

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