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  • 100 Wins Title: Sylph Warrior (魔法剑士)
  • 300 Wins Title: Lord of the Sylph (精灵之主)

Battlefield Equipment

Equipment Inheritance System

After this update, 300 heroes will add the new system called Equipment Inheritance (装备相关) to all servers, the system is located in the Inheritance section (继承) which is a sub-section of the Upgrading System.

The purpose of this function is to transfer both the levels and bonus stats of the original equipment (mostly out-of-print equipment) to the specific equipment. Currently, only a few specific pieces of equipment in the Eternal Battlefield are available to be a target for transfer their levels and bonus stats to other equipment. After the success of the transfer, the original equipment that transfers it's levels and bonus stats to other equipment will be destroyed.

The list of all equipment that their level and bonus attributes can be transferred to other equipment is as follows:

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Item Directional Lightning Generator.png

  • Fixed an issue wherein each cast of any skill that is considered as a melee range basic attack could trigger the chain lightning effect multiple times.

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  • Fixed an issue wherein some skills that are considered to be basic attacks would be able to trigger the unleashing of Mini Getsuga Tenshou.


  • Fixed an issue wherein the color of the bush in the Eternal Arena was displayed incorrectly.