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  • Rampage [T]: Cooldown adjusted from 60 to 80 seconds.
  • Kamehameha [R]: Rage increment adjusted from "Instantly increases 40/50/60 Rage then increases 20/25/30 Rage every second" to "Instantly increases 40 Rage then increases 20 Rage every second".

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  • Sword Strike Rends the Sky [R]: Bonus Attack Speed adjusted from 15%/25%/35% to 30%/40%/50%.
  • Sword Strike Rends the Sky [R]: Removed bonus Bonus Attack Damage.
  • Sword Strike Rends the Sky [R]: Bonus skill damage adjusted from 15%/25%/35% to 15%/20%/25%.

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  • Fixed an issue wherein the Health restoration effect from Sen-i-Soshitsu [R] and Sen-i-Soshitsu (Flying Mode) [R] was abnormal.

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  • Fixed an issue wherein Manifestation [E] can be used on enemies outside its cast range.


  • Fixed an issue wherein Rune Page displayed abnormally.