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Maintenance Time

  • 6.00 AM - 9.00 AM

Patch Header - Heroes.jpg

Icon Huanci·L·Lily.png

  • Shatter: Lily now only dashes toward the target only when she initiates a basic attack and no longer dashes toward the target through auto-basic attacks (meaning her player will need to manually execute the basic attack command in order to trigger the dash effect).
  • Shadow Strike [E]: Bonus Movement Speed adjusted from 10% to 15%, and the skill can be used on wards.
  • Coup de Grace [R]: Maximum stacks to trigger bonus damage of Coup de Grace adjusted from 7 stacks to 6 stacks.

Icon Huanci·D·Lucy.png

  • Shadow Strike [E]: Bonus Movement Speed adjusted from 10% to 15%, and the skill can be used on wards.

Icon Charlotte.png

  • Attack Range adjusted from 130 to 150.
  • Piercing Blade [Q]: Added a visual effect for the mark for triggering dash, stun and damage over time effects from Fatal Tri-Blade [E] that lasts for 4 seconds.
  • Piercing Blade [Q]: Mana Cost adjusted from 50 to 30/35/40/45/50.
  • Fatal Tri-Blade [E]: Mana Cost adjusted from 70 to 50/55/60/65/70.
  • Seven Stars Brilliant Blade [R]: Added a visual effect to the target that can be instantly killed by this skill.
  • Seven Stars Brilliant Blade [R]: Increased the required remaining Health to trigger the instant kill from 20% to 25%.

Icon Kuroba Kaito.png

  • Magic Prop [Q]: Base damage adjusted from 20/30/40/50/60 physical damage + 20/30/40/50/60 magic damage to 40/60/80/100/120 magic damage.
  • Fake Substitute  [E]: Cooldown adjusted from 22/20.5/19/17.5/16 seconds to 24/22/20/18/16 seconds.
  • Kaitou Hang Glider [R]: Cooldown adjusted from 150/125/100 seconds to 160/130/100 seconds.

Icon Giorno Giovanna.png

  • Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda [E]: No longer reduced damage against non-hero units.

Icon Namikaze Minato.png

  • Hiraishin no Jutsu [E]: Skill damage adjusted from 40/60/80/100/120 + [0.7 Bonus AD] to 40/65/90/115/140 + [0.8 Bonus AD].

Icon Tamamo no Mae.png

  • Killing Stone (Sessho-seki) [R]: Tamamo will now cast this skill when casting it on a target location outside its cast range.

Patch Header - Activities.jpg

  • Clock Tower Activity (时钟塔) event available between 17 September 2020 to 18 October 2020.

Patch Header - New Version Contents & Adjustments.jpg

Monthly Card Related (月卡相关)

Arena Related

  • Adjusted the bonus stats of turrets in Eternal Arena that are received from the defense mechanism (Anti-Backdoor) from 500% Armor, 300% Magic Resist, 50% Attack Damage to 388% Armor, 247% Magic Resist, 50% Attack Damage, and 30% Damage Reduction.

Summoner Spell Related

Summoner Spell - Resurrection.png

  • Renamed from Resurrection to Heroic Spirit Summoning (英灵召唤)
  • Adjusted the bonus Health received from 400 + [40 x Hero Level] Health to 1200 Health.

Summoner Spell - Teleport.png

  • Renamed from Teleport to Reverse Summoning (逆向通灵)
  • Adjusted the effect to be as follows: Using your own blood as a medium to perform a spell by choosing a location near an allied non-hero unit (including structure, minion, summon or ward) as a target location before channeling by performing hand seals for 3.8 seconds. After completion of the channeling, the user will teleport themselves to the target location. You can cast this skill again while channeling to cancel it. After your in-game level reaches 18, you can choose a location near an allied hero unit as the target location of this spell too.

Summoner Spell - Ghost Walks.png

  • Renamed from Ghost Walks to RUA!!!
  • Adjusted the effect to be as follows: The soul of the Deja Vu is on fire, causing you to rush wildly! Increases both your hero Movement Speed by 70% and your hero Tenacity by 30 upon activation of the effect, the bonus Movement Speed will be decayed over time until reaching 30% within 2.5 seconds, and the initial duration of the spell lasts for 4 seconds. Each of your basic attacks extends the duration of this spell by 1.5 seconds. The maximum duration of this spell can't be increased more than 12 seconds.

Summoner Spell - Heal.png

  • Renamed from Heal to Divine Guardian (神圣守护)
  • Adjusted the effect to be as follows: In the name of the knight, you burrow the scared power to guard yourself and all nearby allied units by applying a shield effect that can withstand 60~315 (based on your base Health) damage to all affected units, and the shield value that is applied to yourself will be more than the shield value that is applied to other units by 66%. After 0.5 seconds, the shield value will decay to 0 within 1 second with the decayed shield value is converted into a healing effect that restores the target's Health for the same amount. When the same units that are affected by this spell receive the same effect from this spell again within 30 seconds, the shield value that those units received will be halved.
  • In Eternal Battlefield, the shield value received from this spell is doubled.

Summoner Spell - Cleanse.png

  • Renamed from Cleanse to Light of Purification (圣洁之光)
  • Cooldown adjusted from 158 seconds to 155 seconds.
  • Adjusted the effect to be as follows: Being illuminated by the light of purification. Continuously removes all received negative stats on yourself and increases your own Movement Speed by 40% for 1.2 seconds.

Summoner Spell - Arcane Spell.png

  • Summoner Spell renamed from Arcane Spell to Arcane Acceleration (奥术加速)
  • Adjusted the effect to be as follows: Activation of ancient art by perceiving the laws of heaven and earth. Grants 25% Cooldown Reduction to your hero's skills and restores 40 + [10% of your missing Mana] every second for a total of 10 seconds.

Summoner Spell - Ignite.png

  • Summoner Spell renamed from Ignite to Locked Down Barrage (锁定弹幕)
  • Adjusted the effect to be as follows: Summons POD to continuously attack a target for 5 seconds. POD has 3 + [1 x Hero Level] Attack Damage and attacks 4 times per second. POD's attacks deal true damage, reduce the target's Armor and Magic Resist by 15%, and deal bonus damage equal to 50% of the target's recent Health healing received.

Summoner Spell - Flash.png

  • Summoner Spell renamed from Flash to Za Warudo (砸瓦鲁多)
  • Cooldown adjusted from 188 seconds to 180 seconds.
  • Adjusted the effect to be as follows: Summons stand The World to activate the ability to stop time. During the static time, The World will move you to a certain distance then release the time stop, causing you to teleport yourself for a short distance toward your cursor's location and reset your own basic attack animation.

Summoner Spell - Disarm.png

  • Summoner Spell renamed from Disarm to Fuuinjutsu (封印之术)
  • Adjusted the effect to be as follows: Seals an enemy hero's ability to perform basic attacks and cast spells for 0.75 seconds, and seals the target's mobile abilities and output abilities for 3 seconds.

Patch Header - Bug Fixed.jpg

Icon Son Goku.png

  • Fixed an issue wherein Goku couldn't be able to summon and rider on the Flying Nimbus upon activation of Flying Nimbus [W].
  • Fixed an issue wherein the activation of Kamehameha [R] would leave a useless dummy unit at the casting location.

Icon Bayi Laoye.png

  • Fixed an issue wherein a total value of the Health restoration effect of Life Lever [R] in skill description was incorrect.
  • Fixed the issue wherein All or Nothing [E] could throw Suigintou within in the N-fields.

Icon Saitama.png

  • Fixed an issue wherein Normal Punch [Q] didn't receive bonus damage from Serious points.

Icon Kafuu Chino.png

  • Fixed an issue wherein Soul of Tippy [Q] wouldn't deal any damage while Chino died.

Icon Maple.png

  • Fixed an issue wherein the effect of holding up the shield still remained after Maple already activated the taunt effect.

Item Tarrasque Skin.png

  • Fixed an issue wherein the equipment would also add  Magic Penetration stat.

Icon Yatogami Tohka.png

  • Fixed an issue wherein the giant sword model from Halvanhelev form of Sword of the End [R] would also appear when Tohka performed basic attacks while using non-default skins.

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