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Maintenance Time

  • 6.00 AM - 11.00 AM

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Icon Sephiroth.png

  • Slashing Attack [Q]: Skill Damage ratio adjusted from [0.75 Bonus AD] to [0.9 Bonus AD].
  • Shadow Flare [W]: Skill Damage ratio adjusted from [0.2 Bonus AD] to [0.3 Bonus AD].

Icon Jeanne d'Arc (Alter).png

  • Dragon Witch [E]: Cast Range adjusted from 500 to 650.

Icon Hassan-i-Sabbah.png

  • Shadow Strike [Q]: Cooldown adjusted from 16/14/12/10/8 seconds (enters cooldown upon activation) to 12/10.5/9/7.5/6 seconds (enters cooldown at the end of stealth effect).
  • Shadow Strike [Q]: Now Hassan will instantly teleport to the targeted location after entering stealth for 0.1 seconds, with this update, the enemies no longer be able to see the Hassan's model before entering stealth appears at the targeted location after teleporting.

Icon Kirisame Marisa.png

  • Star Sign 「Meteoric Shower」 [W]: Adjusted the damage from the subsequent hits of meteorite stars from the same cast from "40% of the actual damage against hero enemies" to "40% / 70% of the actual damage against enemy heroes / non-heroes"

Icon Aqua.png

  • Sacred Break Spell [W]: The ratio of healing effect adjusted from [0.4 AP] to [0.33 AP].

Icon Kaname Madoka.png

  • Optimized the description of skills.
  • Girl's Dead End [R]: Cooldown adjusted from 90/80/70 seconds to 100/90/80 seconds.
  • Girl's Dead End [R]: Adjusted the bonus stats received from this skill from "25%/35%/45% Attack Speed and Spell Vamp" to "30%/40%/50% Attack Speed and 20%/30%/40% Spell Vamp".

Icon C.C..png

  • Power of the CODE [R]: Adjusted the mechanism of converting damage to healing from "While channeling, all damage received by both enemy and allied heroes within the field will be converted into a healing effect that restores C.C.'s Health" to "While channeling, all damage received by both enemy and allied heroes within the field will be set to 0 (nullified) and all damage received by C.C. will be converted into a healing effect that restores C.C.'s Health", after this update, the damage dealt against heroes within the CODE field of this skill except against C.C. herself is no longer converted into healing effect to restore C.C.'s Health.

Patch Header - Battlefield Equipment.jpg

Item Adaptive Armor.png

  • UNIQUE Passive: The ability to heals your own Health based on your own missing Health upon taking specific amount of damage adjusted to be halved against damage from turrets.
  • UNIQUE Passive: All passive effects of this equipment no longer trigger upon taking damage from fountains (hero respawn location).

Item Bardiche.png

  • UNIQUE Passive: The number of Jewel Seed obtained from killing heroes adjusted from 1 Seed to 3 Seeds.
  • UNIQUE Active: Cooldown adjusted from (90 - [4 x Equipment Level]) to (75 - [4 x Equipment Level]).

Item Imperial Crown.png

  • (New) UNIQUE Passive: The Bullet of Love from Mero Mero Gun [Q] and Volley Fire [R] can now directly apply Charm effect against all enemies hit for 0.75 seconds.

181745513.png (Tina Sprout's Exclusive Equipment - AX388 Sniper Rifle)

  • Removed mana regeneration.
  • Ability Power adjusted from 40 to 75.
  • (New) UNIQUE Passive: Permanently increases Tina's Ability Power by [10 x Equipment Level]% of Tina's [Armor + Magic Resist].
  • (New) UNIQUE Passive: For each level of this equipment, the flight speed and distance of bullet from AX388 [Q] is increased.
  • (New) UNIQUE Passive: Each time Tina casts Silent Killer [W], the cooldown of Detection Trap [E] is reduced by 0.5 + [Equipment Level x 0.1] seconds.
  • (New) UNIQUE Passive: Enemies that are hit by the trigger effect of the trap from Detection Trap [E] are applied with the debuff that increases the damage received by [Equipment Level]% for 1.5 seconds.


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Eternal Battlefield

Blitz Battle

  • The game mode is now available for team of 2~5 players.
  • Increased the speed of match making time.
  • Optimized the in-game mechanism as follows:
    • Reduced the cooldown of all combat skills by 50% in this game mode.
    • After destroying all enemy's inner turrets, each wave of minions no longer spawns 1 additional super minion.
    • The respawn time for Greater Dragon (Icon Greater Dragon.png) after being killed adjusted from 7 minutes to 3 minutes.
    • The team that kills the Greater Dragon (Icon Greater Dragon.png) after 0/10/15 in-game minutes will now promote 2 Melee Minions of the next 1/2/3 waves of minions into Super Minions.
    • The number of Magical Runes drop from Spirit Monument (Icon Spirit Monument.png) adjusted from 1 rune per monument for the entire game to 1/2/3 different runes after 0/10/15 in-game minutes.
    • Reduced the damage received by turrets when they don't have minions within their line of sight by 70%/50%/30% after 0/10/15 in-game minutes.
  • Bug Fixed

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Icon Yaya.png Item Raishin (Akabane Raishin).png

Icon Fate Testarossa.png Item Bardiche.png

Icon Pleasant Goat.png Item Super Bell.png

  • Fixed an issue wherein equipping Super Bell would cause passive effect of Unflappable to reduce attacker's Attack Speed more than the amount that is increased from the effect of the equipment.


  • Fixed an issue wherein sometimes the dash animation of all heroes wouldn't display normally.