300 Heroes Wikia

Item Physics Holy Sword (Just A Crowbar).png Cost: 25 Diamonds


Ability Power: +90 (+164)

Spell Vamp: +15%

Magic Penetration: +22 (+40)


UNIQUE Active: Increases Nyaruko's Movement Speed by 50% and Ability Power by 15%, the effect lasts for 3 + [0.5 x Equipment Level] seconds (100 - [4 x Equipment Level] second cooldown).

UNIQUE Passive: When shooting a Dagon laser from Nyaruko's Divinity Dagon [R] on the target unit, it also deals the same damage to all enemies within 500 radius around the main target.

UNIQUE Passive: The stealth effect from Nyaruko's Indescribable Bar Things [Q] no longer has a fade time, its duration is also increased by [0.2 + Equipment Level] seconds and restores 5% of Nyaruko's maximum Health per second while being stealth.

UNIQUE Passive: Increases [5 + Equipment Level]% Ability Power.