Item Pile of Stationery.png Cost: 25 Diamonds


Health: +200 (+339)

Ability Power: +85 (+144)

Spell Vamp: +15%

Magic Penetration: +15 (+25)


UNIQUE Passive: The enemies hit by the stationery of the Flying Stationeries [R] have their Movement Speed reduced by a certain percent value.

UNIQUE Passive: Each time Senjougahara kills a non-hero unit, increases her Ability Power by 40 + [3 + Equipment Level] for 5 seconds, stacking up to 120 + [9 + (3 x Equipment Level)] at 3 stacks.

UNIQUE Passive: Each cast of Warning Stapler [Q] reduces the cooldown of Flying Stationeries [R] by 3 + [Equipment Level x 0.2] seconds.


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