300 Heroes Wikia

Item Project Diva.png Cost: -


Health: +500 (+548)

Mana: +500 (+548)

Ability Power: +80 (+87)


UNIQUE Passive: Miku's respawn time is reduced by [10 + Equipment Level]% (minimum at 12 seconds). When she gains an assist, she gains 5 + [Equipment Level] Ability Power and 35 + [5 x Equipment Level] bonus Health, stacking up to 30 times.

UNIQUE Passive: Miku's Magical Voice Barrier [E] increases target's Movement Speed by [Equipment Level x 2]% for 1 + [Equipment Level x 0.1] seconds.

UNIQUE Passive: When Miku uses The Intense Song of Hatsune Miku [W] to teleport on a target enemy hero, she silences the target for 1 + [Equipment Level x 0.1] seconds.

UNIQUE Passive: After Miku finishes channeling the Ievan Polkka [Q], reduces target's Armor and Magic Resist by [Equipment Level]% for 2 + [Equipment Level x 0.1] seconds.