Item Raishin (Akabane Raishin).png Cost: 3000 Gold


+450 Health

+40 Armor

+35 Magic Resist

+15 Health Regeneration/5 seconds


UNIQUE Passive: Replaces Yaya's Triple Red Mode [R] with Ranbu Yozakura [R] with the following effects:

  • Ranbu Yozakura [R]: Yaya channels a barrage of punches on a target enemy at close range, suppressing the target in place while dealing a ten-strikes combo for 1.8 seconds, each strike deals 15/25/35 + [0.1 AD] physical damage. (100 Mana cost) (130/120/110 second cooldown).


Item SOS Group Emblem.png    +    Item Strong Belt.png    =    Item Raishin (Akabane Raishin).png


  • Can only be used by Yaya (Icon Yaya.png).

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