Item Raising Heart Cost: 25 Diamonds


Ability Power: +90 (+224)

Movement Speed: +10%

Magic Penetration: +15%


UNIQUE Passive: Adjusts the ability of Raising Heart that converts magic damage dealt by Nanoha into magic shield to [15 + Equipment Level]% of the magic damage dealt by Nanoha is converted into magic shield.

UNIQUE Passive: Extends the duration of immobilize effect from Restricting Lock [Q] by 1.5 + [Equipment Level x 0.1] seconds.

UNIQUE Passive: After Nanoha casts Divine Buster [W], she can cast it again as a 2nd cast within 2 seconds.

UNIQUE Passive: While Nanoha channels to shoot homing magical bullets from Divine Shooter [E], she becomes immune to all crowd controls and gains [20 + (Equipment Level x 2)]% Damage Reduction that last for 1.2 seconds.


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