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Report/Block Interface

Option Report - Arena

Report Interface in Eternal Arena

This is an interface that available only in the In-Game Interface. You can report your team for bad behavior or block their messages for preventing distractions of your gameplay by using the following options:

Report System

  • This system on Eternal Arena and Eternal Battlefield has different functions from each other as follows:
    • Eternal Arena
      • A player can report another player by clicking the Report (Option Report Icon) button.
      • After clicking the button, several choices will appear for you to select what malicious acts the reported player did, up to 3 choices can be selected for each report and each player can't be reported by the same player more than once.
      • In case, you're not satisfied with the choice given by the system, you can write the case yourself at the report screen.
      • After the report was sent, the decision will be decided by the system later.
    • Eternal Battlefield
      • A player can report another player by clicking the Report (Option Report Icon) button, and each player can't report the same player within the same game more than once.
      • Reporting will reduce a target player's morality regardless of the game mode.
      • If a player were to be reported by numerous teammates during the course of the game, they will be forced to leave regardless of the situation.

Block System

  • A player can block another player by clicking the Block button (Option Block Icon), preventing all messages of the blocked player to show on your chatbox.
  • Clicking the Unblock button (Option Unblock Icon) will unblock the target player, allowing you to communicate with the unblocked player again.
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