Item Rose Branch Bow Cost: 25 Diamonds


Mana: +300 (+574)

Ability Power: +80 (+153)

Attack Speed: +20%


UNIQUE Passive: The Soul Gem stacks from Humanity's Emotions are restored to 10 stacks, Madoka's death no longer reduces the Soul Gem stacks and increases the damage dealt by bonus magic damage from Humanity's Emotions by [25 + (Equipment Level) + (Soul Gem stacks)]%.

UNIQUE Passive: When Prayer of Salvation [Q] hits enemies, reduces their Magic Resist by 30% for 2 + [Equipment Level x 0.1] seconds.

UNIQUE Passive: Extends the duration of Movement Speed reduction from World of Miracle [W] by [Equipment Level x 0.1] seconds.

UNIQUE Passive: Extends The duration of active effect (bonus Attack Speed and Spell Vamp) from Girl's Dead End [R] by [Equipment Level x 0.6] seconds.


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