300 Heroes Wikia

Item Rotary Impact.png Cost: 25 Diamonds


Attack Damage: +35 (+119)

Attack Speed: +20%

Armor Penetration: +10%


UNIQUE Passive: When Black Rock Shooter performs a basic attack while within Blue Feather state, the attack no longer removes the state. While within the Blue Feather state, reduces the damage taken by [20 + (Equipment Level x 2)]%.

UNIQUE Passive: Increases the duration of Machine Gun Mode [Q] by [Equipment Level x 0.1] seconds.

UNIQUE Passive: Adjusts the value of the armor reduction from debuff on the target that is attacked by Black Rock Shooter's basic attacks while being marked by Absolute Suppression [E] to [Equipment Level]% Armor Reduction for 3 seconds.

UNIQUE Passive: Each enemy hit by the photon energy from Giant Photon Cannon [R] grants Black Rock Shooter 10 bonus on both Armor and Magic Resist for 3 + [Equipment Level x 0.1] seconds, up to a maximum of 100 bonus Armor and Magic Resist.