Item Sake Cost: 25 Diamonds


Health: +500 (+642)

Attack Damage: +60 (+77)

Cooldown Reduction: +15%


UNIQUE Passive: Rock Lee is a genius who is proficient in Drunken Fist style! Increases his maximum Health and Attack Damage by 10%.

UNIQUE Passive: Each time Rock Lee kills a non-her unit, he restores 5% of his maximum Health.

UNIQUE Passive: When Rock Lee uses Kage Buyou [Q], he gains [10 + (2 x Equipment Level)]% bonus Armor and Magic Resist for 2 seconds.

UNIQUE Passive: Reduces the Energy cost for Konoha Senpuu (Leaf Whirlwind) [E] by [3 x Equipment Level].

UNIQUE Passive: Rock Lee's Hachimon Tonkou! Released! [R] no longer consumes his own Health.


You may use wine chocolate instead...


Special Gift

Buying this equipment will automatically grant Hero Card - Rock Lee (Icon Rock Lee) to the buyer through the Mailbox for free.

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