Item Sakuya's Pocket Watch Cost: 2900 Gold


+400 Health

+400 Mana

+75 Ability Power


UNIQUE Passive - Rewind: For every 8 seconds, restores 8% of both your missing Health and Mana and increases your Movement Speed by 20% that will be decayed over time until reaching 0 within 4 seconds.

UNIQUE Active: Within the next 8 seconds, the refresh rate of the cooldown on all skills of your hero is increased by 50%, the refresh rate of the interval of your UNIQUE Passive - Rewind is increased by 300% (75 second cooldown). 


Item Balanced Orb    +    Item Voodoo Staff    =    Item Sakuya's Pocket Watch


Hidden Effect: If Izayoi Sakuya (Icon Izayoi Sakuya) equips this item, she gains 2% Cooldown Reduction (can't be stacked).

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