300 Heroes Wikia

Item Sekai no Hakaisha.png Cost: -


Attack Damage: +100 (+119)

Critical Strike Chance: +25%


UNIQUE Passive: Increases [15 + Equipment Level]% Attack Damage.

UNIQUE Passive - Critical Strike: Critical strike bonus damage is increased by 50%. Increases critical strike bonus damage by 1% for every 2% Critical Chance.

UNIQUE Passive: Upon triggering the critical strike, you will receive a buff that increases your Attack Speed by (10 + Equipment Level)% for 3 seconds.

UNIQUE Passive: After upgrading to level 15, grants 15% Critical Chance.


I'm just a passing-through Kamen Rider, remember that! So, what would be a better fit to fight against you? Using this Diamond to hit you would be good enough.


(我只是个路过的假面骑士,给我记住了! is the famous quote of Kamen Rider Decade)

(所以说,和你打的话?is a modified part of the quote from Kamen Rider Decade before he transforms into Ghost Form and team up with Another Ghost to fight against Kamen Rider Geiz in Ghost Armor)


  • Limited to 1 Eternal Artifact item on one hero.

Holy Sword

This equipment is a duplicate version of Holy Sword (Eternal Battlefield) (Item Holy Sword.png).