300 Heroes Wikia

Item Soul Pot.png Cost: 1100 Gold


+75 Health

+150 Mana

+8 Mana Regeneration/5 seconds


UNIQUE Passive - Soul Collector: Each time a nearby enemy unit that you didn't kill dies (including monsters killed by your allies), grants 3 Gold and collects 1 stack of Soul Shard. Upon reaching 10 stacks of Soul Shard, all stacks of Soul Shard will be converted into 1 stack of Crystallized Soul, the Crystallized Soul can stack up to 25 stacks.

UNIQUE Passive: Each stack of Crystallized Soul grants 10 Mana, stacking up to 250 Mana.

UNIQUE Passive: Each time a nearby allied hero kills a nearby enemy non-hero | hero unit, grants 2 | 25 Gold to the item owner, restores 3 Health to the killer and restores 2 Health to the item owner.

UNIQUE Passive: Grants 3 Gold per 10 seconds.


Item Warm Pendant.png + Item Soul Lantern.png = Item Soul Pot.png


  • Limited to 1 Gold Income item on one hero.


  • This Item can be sold back to the item shop for 440 Gold (40% of the total gold spent to obtain them).