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Spell vamp is an ability stat which converts a percentage of the magic damage from hero abilities into health. It only works for active hero abilities that do not modify basic attacks or apply on-hit effects, except for Kaname Madoka's basic attacks, which modifies her own basic attacks into magic damage.

The heal is calculated from damage after being reduced by enemy defense, such as magic resistance or hero damage reduction.

Spell vamp's characteristics

  • Spell vamp stacks additively and has no cap.
  • Area of effect (AoE) skills only apply 30% of the listed spell vamp.
    • Example: Projectiles of Kaname Madoka's World of Miracle [W] are classified as an AoE skill, and will apply 30% of your spell vamp (even it hits only one target).
  • Warmth Breastplate's passive is a unique multiplicative increase, so if you had 10% spell vamp before, you will now have 11.5%, and not 25% spell vamp.
    • 10% x 1.15 = 12% spell vamp.
  • Spell vamp will heal from all magic damage done by abilities to minions, monsters, summons and heroes.
  • Spell vamp does not work for abilities that apply on-hit effects, nor with item actives like with Zankantou.
  • Spell vamp does not work with True damage. For example, Boa Hancock's Mero Mero no Mi (Love-Love Fruit).
  • Healing reduction effects like Ignite (Summoner Spell - Ignite.png) and Ryougi Shiki's Mukushiki Shinkuu Myouu reduce the health restored by spell vamp.
  • The part of the damage that exceeds enemy's health will not be calculated within the health restoration effect of spell vamp.