Item Stealth Boots.png Cost: 560 Gold or 16 Diamonds


Attack Damage: 60 (+119)

Attack Speed: 15%

Life Steal: 5%


UNIQUE Passive - Enhanced Movement: Increases 45 Movement Speed.

UNIQUE Passive: Each time you cast a skill or perform a basic attack, increases 2% Critical Chance and 2% Attack Speed for 3 seconds, stacking up to 5 times for a total of 10% Critical Chance and 10% Attack Speed.

UNIQUE Active: Becomes invisible while also reduces the Movement Speed and Attack Speed of all nearby enemies by [15 + (Equipment Level x 2)]% for 3 + [Equipment Level x 0.3] seconds. When taking damage, performing a basic attack or using a skill, the invisibility will be broken and the debuff aura will be ended (30 second cooldown).

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