Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells are abilities that players can use in addition to their heroes' abilities. They are chosen during Hero Select before the start of the game and each player is only allowed to have two summoner spells. Summoner spells are primarily used to provide support and utility to the players' heroes as they don't have any cost except for their cooldown. The effectiveness of some spells vary from the hero's level but some are not and will give constant effects regardless of the level.

Unlocking Summoner Spells

The number of spells that are available to a player is determined by their level. At level one, a player begins with 9 spells to choose from. Then as a player reaches new levels, he/she will unlock new spells up to level 35.

List of Summoner Spells

The table below shows what player level unlocks which spell(s), the description of the spell and their cooldown.

Level Spell Description Cooldown Type
1 Summoner Spell - Resurrection
Instantly revives your hero to your team's fountain (starting platform) and grants 400 + [40 x Hero Level] bonus Health for 2 minutes.
  • Using this spell in Eternal Arena does not grant any bonus Health and its cooldown is increased by 20% for each use, stacking up unlimited.
405 Self-casting
1 Summoner Spell - Smite
Deals 370 + [35 x Hero Level] true damage to a targeted non-allied minion, monster, or summoned unit. When your hero is out of combat from non-jungle units (heroes, minions, buildings, summons) for 8 seconds, the refresh rate on the cooldown of this spell will be increased by 200%. 120 Target
1 Summoner Spell - Exhaust
Exhausts the target enemy hero, reducing their Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 60%, and reducing their damage dealt by 60% for 2 seconds. 240 Target
1 Summoner Spell - Teleport
After channeling for 4 seconds, teleports your hero to the target allied structure, minion, summon or ward. You can cast this skill again while channeling to cancel it and reduce the cooldown to 150 seconds. This spell is also canceled if the target ward or summon expires during the channeling of the spell.
  • Teleport renders the targeted minion or targeted summon invulnerable for the duration of the teleport.
  • When using teleport on an allied structure, the structure does not become invulnerable, although it can still attack. If the structure is destroyed as you are channeling, the teleport particle will vanish but your teleport will not be canceled.
280 Target
1 Summoner Spell - Ghost Walks
Ghost Walks
Grants the ability to move through units and increases your hero Movement Speed by 27% for 10 seconds. 158 Self-casting
1 Summoner Spell - Heal
Restores 75 + [25 x Hero Level] Health to your hero and removes the burning debuff of Ignite (Summoner Spell - Ignite) from them, also healing the Health of nearby allies by half of the healing effect. 203 Self-casting
1 Summoner Spell - Minions Buster
Minions Buster
Deals 100 + [30 x level] true damage to all non-allied minions, monsters, or summoned units in the target area. 105 Target
1 Summoner Spell - Scouter
Reveals all nearby enemies within 800 radius around yourself, including invisible units for 7 seconds. Your hero also gains the ability to detect all invisible units and wards for 7 seconds. 90 Self-casting
1 Summoner Spell - Surge
Empowers your hero, increasing Ability Power by 6 + [4 × Hero Level] and Attack Speed by 35% for 12 seconds.

135 Self-casting
2 Summoner Spell - Cleanse
Removes all crowd control effects and summoner spell debuffs on your hero and lowers the duration of incoming disables by 65% for 3 seconds. This spell can be used while under the effects of crowd control.
  • Skills that inflict Suppression, Time Freeze, Airborne, Nearsight, Remove or Stasis are immune to Cleanse.
158 Self-casting
6 Summoner Spell - Arcane Spell
Arcane Spell
Restores [(10% of your hero's maximum Mana) + (40 x Hero Level)] Mana to your hero (half of the restoration effect is applied to all nearby allies), and grants 10% Cooldown Reduction to your hero for 60 seconds. 135 Self-casting
7 Summoner Spell - Ignite
Ignites an enemy hero by applying a burning debuff on them, dealing 50 + [20 x Hero Level] true damage over 5 seconds, reducing all healing they receive by 40%, reducing their Armor and Magic Resist by 15%, and revealing their location for the duration. 135 Target
12 Summoner Spell - Flash
Teleports your hero a short distance toward your cursor's location. 188 Target
35 Summoner Spell - Disarm
Disarms an enemy hero, reducing their Movement Speed by 25%, and disabling their basic attacks, skills and summoner spells for 1.2 seconds. 
  • The disarm effect cannot be removed by Cleanse (Summoner Spell - Cleanse).
240 Target

Free Spells

Free spells are unrelated with the Summoner Spells and they are given to all players for free.

  • Recall (Free Spell - Recall) (Hotkey: [B]): Is an ability that all players have access to regardless of selected hero. Recall causes your hero to channel for 8 seconds. If the channel is not interrupted, the hero will be teleported to their team's Spawn fountain. This ability can be interrupted by normal attacks or skills.
  • Surveillance Ward (Free Spell - Surveillance Ward) (Hotkey: [Z]): Places a Surveillance Ward to the target location, granting vision around the ward to the team for 90 seconds (after 8 in-game minutes, the duration will be increased to 120 seconds, limited to only in Eternal Arena). When an enemy hero within stealth state comes into the ward's vision, it will alert the allies by sending a signal on the mini-map, but will not send the same signal on the exact enemy location within the game screen. This stealth detection ability will not affect the same hero within 4 seconds. This skill has a 150 second cooldown. (It has the fixed 3 units of Health and any basic attack on it only reduces 1 hitpoint per attack regardless of hero stats)

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