300 Heroes Wikia

Item Caliburn.png Cost: -


Attack Damage: +20 (+119)

Attack Speed: +25%

Life Steal: +5%


Passive: Each time you kills an enemy hero, grants 1 current stack and 1 maximum stack, with each current stack giving 0.2% Attack Speed up to a maximum of 30% Attack Speed. After the game ends, the stacks will not disappear.

UNIQUE Passive: When the amount of accumulated Attack Speed reaches 10%, it will give 25 Attack Damage. When it reaches 20%, it will grant 5% Armor Penetration. When it reaches 30%, it will grant 50 Attack Damage and 10% Armor Penetration. The maximum stacks can't be reduced, but 5% of the highest value on the current stacks are lost when the user dies.

UNIQUE Active: Consumes 10% of the accumulated Attack Speed to obtain Caliburn buff. The buff increases 15% Critical Chance, 60% Attack Speed and 10% Armor Penetration that lasts for 15 + [Equipment Level x 2] seconds.


Giving Caliburn to a human to become Lu Bu, to a horse to becomes Red Hare and to a stone to become a treasured sword.