All 3 talent trees with all level 1 talents

Talent or Mastery is a system where a player is able to provide bonus stats and effects to their heroes by allotting points on talent trees. All three categories have 5 tiers of talents which are unlocked as a sequence from top to bottom within the same tree. Players are able to formulate strategies on a specific tree as they gain levels

Talents can be changed anytime when you are at the Lobby Interface and the talent points can be re-assigned such that it can be used to suit the type of hero you are playing. However, you are only allotted up to a maximum of 30 talent points (Level 30).

Talent Trees

There are three types of trees that player can develop in.

Talent Pages

Talent Pages

All 10 talent pages

Talent Page Cost

Paying for a talent page

Talent Page is a set of talents that are selected and saved for that specific talent page number. These pages can be named for ease of selection during the character selection phase before entering a game. The first two talent pages are free but the consecutive pages cost 500 Gold. You can have up to 10 talent pages.

From left to right as follows:

  • Pay with Diamonds - Pays 1 Diamond for each talent page (not recommended)
  • Pay with Gold - Pays 500 Gold for each talent page (recommended)
  • Cancel - Closes the dialog box.

Talent Options

Talent Options

All 4 talent options

From left to right and top to bottom as follows:

  • Save: Saves the current talent page.
  • Restore: Undoes all changes to the current talent page.
  • Reset: Resets the current talent page back to scratch.
  • Delete: Deletes the current talent page.

Talent Levels

Talent Example

A random setup of Functional Talent with 3 level 3 talents and 6 level 1 talents

  • The talent system has 3 talent trees.
  • Each tree contains 5 tiers of talents and 45 points worth of talents.
  • With each level achieved by a player, he/she also receives one talent point, capped at 30 talent points (30 levels).
  • Each talent point spent in a talent tree allows the player to level one of the three talents that are available on the current tier.
  • Each talent takes 1 talent point to increase its level and each talent has 3 levels.
  • Each tier contains 9 points worth of talents. However, each tier can be filled by only 3 talent points.
  • Filling 3 talent points on the current tier will allow the player to fill their talent points on the next tier of the same talent tree.
  • Each talent tree can contain at most 15 talent points. This means when the player reaches level 30, they are able to completely fill 2 out of 3 talent trees.
  • This adds a strategic element to your selection of talents as you must choose a set that will complement with your hero, skills, and teammates.

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