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Event Time

Event Time: 30 April 2020 ~ 3 June 2020

Reward Exchange Time: 30 April 2020 ~ 3 June 2020

Event Information

  1. Players can participate in the event by purchasing Timi's Wishing Star Package in the Item Mall to obtain Timi's Lottery Ticket that can be used to draw the reward pool in this event.
  2. The event screen can be accessed by clicking on the icon of Timi's Time Shop (Icon Timi's Time Shop.png) at the upper left side of the Lobby Interface.
  3. In the reward pool, there are a total of 10 limited skins. Players can choose one of the skins in the pool as their "target" and use Timi's Lottery Ticket to draw for a chance to obtain the "target" skin. Each "target" skin has a 1% chance to be obtained from each draw of the ticket with another probability to obtain 2 Timi Wishing Stars.
  4. The information of all available 10 limited skins available in the pool is as follows:

Timi Wishing Stars

Timi Wishing Stars can be used to exchange for rewards here

For players who obtain Timi Wishing Stars, they can be used as a material for exchanging the rewards below: