Item Toyako.png Cost: 25 Diamonds


Health: +450

Movement Speed: +9%

Life Steal: +12%

Cooldown Reduction: +15%


UNIQUE Passive: Gintama's basic attacks have a [Equipement Level + (1% for each 4% of Gintama's missing Health)]% chance to deal [(5% of target's maximum Health) + (5% of Gintama's maximum Health)] bonus physical damage (maximum 2000 damage against non-hero units).

UNIQUE Passive: Increases the cast range of Gintama's Gatotsu (Sadism) [Q] by 100 + [20 x Equipment Level] range and increases its stun duration by 0.5 + [0.1 x Equipment Level] seconds.

UNIQUE Passive: Increases the cast range of Gintama's Disturb (Tucao) [W] by 200 range.

UNIQUE Passive: Gintama's Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon [R] now knocks all enemies up when landing and increases the height of its knock up effect by upgrading this equipment.

UNIQUE Passive: For each 4% of Gintama's missing Health, increases 2% Life Steal and 2% Movement Speed.

UNIQUE Active: Instantly reduces 60% of Gintama's current Health and restores this part of Health back to Gintama per second for a total of 100% within 6 seconds. If he takes a killing blow while within the duration of this health restoration effect, the effect will be stopped and the damage from a killing blow will be nullified (90 - [2 x Equipment Level] second cooldown).


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