300 Heroes Wikia

Item Witch Doctor Mask.png Cost: 1020 Gold


+100 Health

+80 Mana

+8 Mana Regeneration

+5% Cooldown Reduction


UNIQUE Passive - Favor: Grants 3 Gold and restores 5 Health each time a nearby enemy unit dies that you didn't kill.

UNIQUE Active: Summons a stationary healing ward at the target location, healing all nearby allied hero units within 500 radius for 260 Health over 4 seconds. The healing ward lasts for 4 seconds and can be destroyed within this duration after being hit 3 times by basic attacks (60 second cooldown).

UNIQUE Passive: Grants 3 Gold per 10 seconds.


Item Mana Crystal.png    +    Item Liquor of Immortality.png    =    Item Witch Doctor Mask.png


  • Limited to 1 Gold Income item on one hero.