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Event Information

  1. Website: https://activity.jumpw.com/activity/300hero/lsasale/index.jsp
  2. Website for paying only the 2nd part of the package's price: https://activity.jumpw.com/300hero/pre/index.jsp
  3. This event is the 2nd part of the Yisha Garage Kit Pre-order (2020.02.24) event, it's the part where you pull the 2nd part of the payment.
  4. Time for the final payment lasts between 6 July 2020 to 8 October 2020.
  5. Upon reaching the deadline of the final payment, the order will be automatically closed and no refund will be given back to any pre-order that didn't process for the final payment.
  6. The website is a pre-order page that has 2 promotion sets available for sale between Garage Kit Pre-order Set (666 Yuan for Pre-order and 566 Yuan for Final Payment) and Garage Kit Deluxe Edition Set (888 Yuan for Pre-order and 788 Yuan for Final Payment) on sale.
  7. The packages can also be purchased through the in-game Item Mall, however, Item Mall doesn't provide players with any additional packages (limited only 1 package for each server account).
  8. The exclusive equipment of Yisha will be distributed to the players who purchase the promotion set after the pre-order period ends.
  9. Please fill in the mailing information carefully. If you need to change the mailing address, please submit to http://customer.jumpw.com (do note that there is no oversea shipping service).
  10. The delivery time of Yisha's figure is expected to be started in October and her exclusive equipment will also be distributed simultaneously (there are extra charges for delivery in any remote area including Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Hainan, Ningxia, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan).
  11. If the packages that were delivered found to have problems such as fewer goods, damaged goods, loss, or any other significant quality problems and players can provide valid proof that the problems occur at the time of signing to receive the package, the official team also provides return & exchange service.
  12. The final interpretation of the rules of this events belongs to the official "300 Heroes".
  13. The information about the goods that are given from both promotion sets available on the website are as follows:

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